Hip Hop Downtempo

Type Artist Title Label Euro  
10" 1000 NAMES Paradise Rings / Saturn Race (green vinyl) Black Acre   (teamacre003) 9.90
2x12" 1000NAMES Invisible Architect Project Mooncircle   (pmc092) 21.90
LP 2ECOND CLASS CITIZEN A Hall Of Mirrors Content (L)abel   (cnt1023) 24.90
12" 813 Spectrum Riff Donky Pitch   (dky004) 10.50
LP AMADEO 85 Marvaloid From Cosmos Happy Milf Records   (hmr001) 16.90
12" ARTS THE BEATDOCTOR Lazy Thunder EP Lowriders Recordings   (low015) 10.50
7" BABA STILTZ Experience / Eating Out Flogsta Danshall   (fd18) 7.50
12" BACKDRAFT Time To React Downbeat Productions   (dbp003) 9.90
7" BACONHEAD vs SHEPHERD Novahawk / Winged Charriot Umbrelladelika Records   (ubd004) 6.90
7" BANKIE PHONES Sorry Girl / Yeah It's Cool Not On Label   (sckdck01) 8.90
LP BEEM Sings With His Hands Flogsta Danshall   (fdlp5) 14.90
12" BUDAMUNKY & JOE STYLES Budastyles Classics Vol.2 Jazzy Sport   (jsv043) 10.90
7" BULLION Say Goodbye To What / Crazy Over You One-Handed Music   (hand7006) 6.50
12" CLOUDS Timekeeper - RAS G rmx Ramp Recordings   (ramp013) 6.90
7" COCO BRYCE Apocalypse Now Redux / Washing Drums (ltd.200) Kluts   (kluts002) 7.90
LP COCO BRYCE Boesoek Fremdtunes   (fr2011-01) 12.90
7" COCO BRYCE Cool As Ice Myor   (romy002) 6.90
7" COCO BRYCE Honeymoon Saturate Records   (strt002) 5.90
7" COCO BRYCE Polaroid Sunset (white vinyl ltd.120) Myor   (romy001) 6.90
12" COCO BRYCE Supercalifragilistic + 1000NAMES rmx Lowriders Recordings   (low002) 6.90
TAPE COCO BRYCE Woestijn / Oase Myor   (none) 8.90
7" COCO BRYCE & EMUFUCKA Cocofucka (ltd.200) Fremdtunes   (fr2012-11) 7.90
mLP COM TRUISE Wave 1 Ghostly   (gi198) 17.90
10" CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA Mapping The Futures Gone By Hit + Run   (hnr55) 17.90
12" CYCLIST, THE Flourish All City Records   (accyclpx1) 12.90
7" D-BRIDGE vs DEVONWHO ZX Eightyone / Nimbus Fat City   (fc707) 8.50
2x7" DAKIM Ntoo (ltd.500 handnumbered) Poo-Bah Records   (pb7005) 9.90
3LP DAM FUNK Invite The Light Stones Throw Records   (sth2358) 49.90
7" DANIEL SAVIO vs WANKERS UNITED T-Bone Theme / Leggings Nuum   (nuu01) 6.90
LP DEBRUIT & ALSARAH Aljawal Soundway   (sndwlp52) 17.90
12" DEV79 In Ya Face Seclusiasis   (seclus017) 10.90
LP DEVONWHO Luz Leaving Records   (lr095) 24.90
7" DIMLITE Quiz Tears (yellow vinyl) All City Records   (ac7x7x0) 6.90
2LP DJ KRUSH Kakusei Music On Vinyl   (movlp1117) 24.90
2LP DJ KRUSH The Message At The Depth Music On Vinyl   (movlp1153) 24.90
12" DJ MAXXIMUS & SOMETHING J Destiny (versions) Mental Groove   (mg077) 8.90
3x12" DJ NATE Da Trak Genious Planet Mu   (ziq280) 19.90
12" DJ QUEST feat. ODISSI Break Me Botchit & Scarper   (bos2059) 9.50
LP DJ TROUBL Dub A Breaks V.1 Brik A Breaks   (dabv.1) 14.50
LP DOCTOR L The New Afrobeat Makers - Tony Allen Rhythms Revisited Vol.2 Comet Records   (comet059) 21.90
12" DORIAN CONCEPT Trilingual Dance Sexperience / Tropical Hands Affine   (aff003) 9.90
LP DORIAN CONCEPT When Planets Explode Kindred Spirits   (ksnn7lp) 12.90
7" DUKE SLAMMER Pachinko Wizard / Watch Betsy Boogie (transperant vinyl) Bonus 7   (bonus7005) 8.90
12" DYNOOO Gum Dragon Digsville   (dig001) 12.50
12" EXILE Stay Tuned Plug Research   (plg81) 11.90
2x10" FANTASTIC MR FOX San'En EP Black Acre   (acre035) 14.90
2LP FAT JON THE AMPLE SOUL PHYSICIAN Repaint Tomorrow (orange vinyl) Project Mooncircle   (pmc023) 20.50
mLP FITZ AMBRO$E Doe Quarterz All City Records   (acnbn001) 16.50
12" FLUME Skin Companion EP II Transgressive Records   (trans287x) 14.90
2LP FLYING LOTUS Cosmogramma (+ download code) Warp Records   (warplp195) 24.90
2x12" FLYING LOTUS Los Angeles (+ download code) Warp Records   (warplp165) 26.90
12" FLYING LOTUS Pattern + Grid World Warp Records   (wap308) 13.90
12" FLYING LOTUS Reset Warp Records   (wap228) 13.50
2LP FLYING LOTUS Until The Quiet Comes Warp Records   (warplp230) 26.90
2LP FLYING LOTUS You're Dead ! Warp Records   (warplp256) 26.90
12" FLYING LOTUS / CARLOS NINO Infinitum / Hot Heavy Heat (DIMLITE Remixes) .Ish Records   (ish015) 6.90
2LP FOUR TET Late Night Tales Late Night Tales   (alnlp12) 28.50
12" FULGEANCE Smartbanging One-Handed Music   (hand12004) 6.90
LP FUTURE BROWN Future Brown Warp Records   (warplp262) 19.90
LP GASLAMP KILLER The Heliocentrics Now Again   (na5117) 18.90
7" GASLAMP KILLER, THE / COMPUTER JAY 777-7 (red vinyl) Hit + Run   (hnr34) 8.50
LP GERZ & MACBEER Trap Break Shit (scratch tools) Diess Production   (diess029) 13.90
2x10" GONJASUFI Mu.zz.le Warp Records   (warplp223) 19.90
12" GROOVEMAN SPOT Supernatural EP Jazzy Sport   (jsv157) 13.90
2LP GUILTY SIMPSON Detroit's Son Stones Throw Records   (sth2357) 29.90
12" HERRMUTT LOBBY Haters Gonna Hate Eat Concrete   (eat031) 9.50
TAPE HEZUS H+R Mixtape Hit + Run   (hnr45) 10.90
12" HOVATRON Gypsy Trader Lowriders Recordings   (low003) 6.90
LP J DILLA Dillatronic 1 Vintage Vibez Music Group   (gse767) 29.90
LP J DILLA Dillatronic 2 Vintage Vibez Music Group   (gse768) 29.90
LP J DILLA Dillatronic 3 Vintage Vibez Music Group   (gse769) 29.90
2x12" J DILLA Ruff Draft Stones Throw Records   (sth2153) 23.50
7" JABU Move In Circles / You & I - KAHN Remix No Corner   (nc701) 9.50
LP KAFUKA Laws Of Nature Project Mooncircle   (pmc160) 21.90
LP KANTTORIPOIKA / COCO BRYCE Kanttoricoco - Space Nuggets Myor   (myor016) 9.90
12" KELPE Bags Of ime Svetlana Industries   (svet011) 10.90
7" KELPE Same New Era + NIÑO rmx Myor   (myor707) 5.90
TAPE KNXWLEDGE Klouds All City Records   (actk1x1) 9.90
7" KODH Take Away Diess Production   (diess042) 13.90
12" KRSUR Crystal (white vinyl) Myor   (myor06) 8.90
7" KRSUR Wayfarer + ELOQ Remix (transperant) Myor   (sam01) 5.90
12" KUEDO Drum Sequence Planet Mu   (ziq262) 9.50
10" KUTMAH Black Wave Tapes Vol.1 (coloured edition) Hit + Run   (hnr31lp-s) 22.50
TAPE KUTMAH Black Wave Tapes Vol.2 Hit + Run   (hnr35) 12.50
10" KUTMAH Black Wave Tapes Vol.2 (coloured edition) Hit + Run   (hnr35lp-s) 22.50
10" KUTMAH Closure Hit + Run   (hnr015lp) 19.90
12" KUTMAH Our Mannequin Technicolour   (tclr008) 11.90
7" LEVON ZOLTAR Hassassin's Funk / Döner Djinn Flogsta Danshall   (fd21) 7.50
7" LIGHT CLUB Black And Gold EP (gold vinyl) Myor   (myor708) 5.90
7" LIGHT CLUB Night Bulbs EP Myor   (myor783) 5.90
7" LIMONIOUS Bricks / Alien Fly Flogsta Danshall   (fd19) 7.50
LP LIMONIOUS House Of Usher Flogsta Danshall   (fdlp4) 14.90
2x12" LONG ARM Kellion - The Story Of A Young Boy Project Mooncircle   (pmc140) 21.90
12" LOOPS HAUNT Rubber Sun Grenade Fortified Audio   (elim001) 10.50
2LP LOOPTROOP ROCKERS Naked Swedes Jakarta   (jakarta075) 22.90
2LP MADLIB Bad Neighbor Instrumentals Bang Ya Head   (byh007) 29.90
LP MADLIB Beat Konducta Vol.4 Stones Throw Records   (sth2176) 21.90
LP MADLIB Beat Konducta Vol.6: Dil Withers Suite Stones Throw Records   (sth2204) 20.50
2LP MADLIB Medicine Show 3: Beat Conducta In Africa Madlib Invazion   (mms003) 26.50
LP MADLIB Pilljar Madlib Invazion   (mms018) 24.90
2LP MADLIB Piñata Beats Madlib Invazion   (mms024) 25.90
LP MADLIB Rock Konducta Part 1 Madlib Invazion   (mms020) 21.90
LP MADLIB Rock Konducta Part 2 Madlib Invazion   (mms021) 24.90
LP MADTEO Featuring SENSATIONAL Special Offer Wania   ($0.99) 17.90
2x12" MADVILLAIN Madvillainy Instrumentals Stones Throw Records   (sth2099) 27.90
LP MED Bang Ya Head Vol.4 Bang Ya Head   (byh006) 21.90
2LP MED BLU & MADLIB Bad Neighbor Bang Ya Head   (byh0005) 29.90
2x12" MEMOTONE & SOOSH Memoosh Project Mooncircle   (pmc134) 21.90
7" MESAK Rasvaa / Mekkala Disques Mazout   (mzt007) 6.90
2x12"+7" MF DOOM Special Herbs Vol.5 + 6 Nature Sounds   (nsd106) 28.90
2x12"+7" MF DOOM Special Herbs Vol.7 + 8 Nature Sounds   (nsd163) 29.90
2x12"+7" MF DOOM Special Herbs Vol.9 + 0 Nature Sounds   (nsd166) 29.90
LP MF DOOM & MADLIB Madvillain FOUR TET Remixes Stones Throw Records   (sth2102) 23.50
7" MICHAEL BRUCE Lo Snap / Fiskemelk Poisonous Gases   (pg002) 8.90
12" MILLIE & ANDREA Stage 2 (single sided) XXXXXX   (xxxxxx001) 10.90
LP MO KOLOURS Texture Like Sun One-Handed Music   (hand12017) 14.90
12" MO KOLOURS Version Like Sun One-Handed Music   (hand12018) 9.50
LP MODO & MAC BEER Instrumental Beats Vol.1 Diess Production   (diess027) 14.90
LP MONO/POLY Cryptic Hit + Run   (hnr58lp) 29.90
12" MOON B Anything World Aurale   (wa001) 24.90
7" MOUSE ON MARS They Know Your Name + MACHINEDRUM Remix (ltd.500) Monkeytown Records   (mtr029) 12.90
7" MR FANTASTIC What U Rhymin' 4 ft. RETNA High Noon   (hn022-7) 9.90
mLP MY PANDA SHALL FLY & MAU'LIN Push + LAKKER Remix Project Mooncircle   (pmc133) 14.90
2LP NXWORRIES Yes Lawd! Stones Throw Records   (sth2370) 35.90
7" OL Kurilovo Faces   (faces701) 6.90
2x12" OLOF MELANDER The Path Project Mooncircle   (pmc148) 21.90
7" ONRA Chinoiseries Tools Diess Production   (diess040) 13.90
2LP ONRA Fundamentals All City Records   (acolpx3) 29.90
12" ONRA Ft. DAZZ DILLINGER & JOHNNY P We Ridin' All City Records   (ac012x3) 9.90
2x12" P.U.D.G.E. Idiotbox Ramp Recordings   (ramp032) 20.50
7" PARTAN LOVER, THE Eye Drop / Silk Smoth Skin Losonofono   (lsf17) 7.90
2LP PAVEL DOVGAL The Aura Project Mooncircle   (pmc156) 28.90
2LP QUASIMOTO The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas Stones Throw Records   (sth2110) 26.90
7" RANDY BARRACUDA This Is The Barracuda Speaking / 10 Rock Flogsta Danshall   (fd20) 7.50
LP RAS G Down 2 Earth Vol.2 - The Standard Bap Edition Leaving Records   (lr051) 22.50
2LP RAS G Raw Fruit Vol. 3&4 Leaving Records   (lr064) 27.90
LP RAS G The El-Aylien Tapes Leaving Records   (lr067) 24.90
LP RAS_G Baker's Dozen Baker's Dozen   (bdz004) 28.90
LP RAS_G The Gospel Of The God Spell Street Corner Music   (scm118) 25.90
2LP REGINALD OMAS MAMODE IV Reginald Omas Mamode IV Five Easy Pieces   (fep022) 32.50
mLP REGINALD OMAS MAMODE IV We Are The Universe Five Easy Pieces   (fep021) 14.90
12" RICHARD COLVAEN Quartz Thin Conselation   (th!n22) 10.90
LP RITCH ABSURD Hand Style Breaks Vol.2 Kiosk Eclectic Records   (kiosk038) 14.50
2x10" ROBOT KOCH Cosmic Waves (white vinyl) Project Mooncircle   (pmc105) 16.90
2LP ROBOT KOCH Death Star Droid Project Mooncircle   (pmc142) 24.90
LP ROBOT KOCH Death Star Droid Remix EP Project Mooncircle   (pmc056) 8.90
12" SCORN Super Mantis Combat Recordings   (combat16) 9.90
12" SLUGABED Sun Too Bright To Turn Off Ninja Tune   (zen12301) 9.90
LP SONS OF FROD Songs About Her Rarebreed   (rb02) 24.90
12" SPACED OUT FAMILY Fahrenheit Squaring The Circle   (stc002) 16.50
7" SPARTAN LOVER Sleigh Of Hand / Soccer Conny (ltd.200 handnumbered) Kluts   (kluts001) 7.50
2LP SPECTRE Ruff Kutz Pan   (pan58lp) 25.90
LP SQUEAKY LOBSTER Killing Eleven EP Vlek   (vlek12) 9.90
2x12" STEREO 7 Scratch Bandits Crew Chinese Man Records   (cmr033) 21.90
LP SUBMERSE Awake EP Project Mooncircle   (pmc149) 17.90
2x12" SUBMERSE Works Project Mooncircle   (pmc158) 26.90
LP SUFF DADDY Birdsongs Jakarta   (jakarta099) 18.90
2LP TAGI & STEVEN BEATBERG Youaresurrounded Heavenly Sweetness   (hs162vl) 21.50
LP TEEBS Av-Estr Outtakes / Remixes Hit + Run   (hnr49lp) 23.90
12" THE CRIMINAL MINDS Guilty As Charged TCM Records   (tcm01) 11.90
12" THE CRIMINAL MINDS Tales From The Wasteland TCM Records   (tcmep2) 11.90
12" THE CRIMINAL MINDS The Criminal White House Records   (wyhs012) 11.90
12" UGLY MAC BEER Just For Your Hand 2 Diess Production   (diess015) 15.50
2x12" UGLY MAC BEER & MISTER MODO Main Stuff Main Stuff   (ms001) 19.90
7" V.C. Poly July / Moon Braggin Lo Fi Funk   (lff005) 10.90
7" VAKTTORNET / BOYZ OF CALIGULA Tower Of Murder / Must'amamba Harmönia   (harmflo) 6.90
7" VARIOUS ARTISTS Beat Dimensions Vol.2 (red vinyl) Rush Hour   (rh109-7) 7.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Coco Bryce vs Slugabed Myor   (myor02) 8.90
7" VARIOUS ARTISTS Icci Occi Acci / Star Controller Myor   (myor03) 4.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS International Breaks 404 - Rare Drums From Around The Globe Vandelay Industries   (ib404) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Road Kill Vol.3 Hit + Run   (hnr20lp) 29.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Skweee Cruise Poisonous Gases   (pg004) 25.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Skweee Inna Dancehall Ancient Robot   (anrt002) 10.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Tropical Heat Vol.1 Myor   (myor04) 8.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Tropical Heat Vol.2 Myor   (myor05) 8.90
TAPE VARIOUS ARTISTS Tropical Heat Vol.3 Myor   (none) 6.90
2LP XENOPHOBIA Bring On The Rush Xenophobia   (xen023lp) 25.90
12" YO DJ! Pimp's Up Hoe's Down Yo DJ!   (ydj123) 14.90
12" YÖT Yöt 4 EP Raha & Tunteet   (rt006) 10.90