Wave Synth Library

Type Artist Title Label Euro  
mLP ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL Wind [Re] Wind (picture disc) Minimal Maximal   (mm001) 24.90
7" Flexi ACTOR, THE Unreal Personality (1-sided) Minimal Wave   (mw044) 10.50
10" ADBALOONS Mad Motor Mecanica   (mec025) 17.50
3x10"+7" ADN CKRYSTALL 1978 - 1988 (in box) Vinyl On Demand   (vod54) 53.90
LP+7" ADN CKRYSTALL Minilab Anna Logue Records   (anna013) 23.90
LP ADN CKRYSTALL vs CLOSEDUNRUH Live 1985 - 2008 (ltd.200) Psych.kg   (psych.kg045) 26.90
7" ADN' CKRYSTALL Achtung Abspielbare Eintrittskarte (ltd.150) Kernkrach   (hertz3333) 11.90
LP ADN' CKRYSTALL Musique Atomique Treue Um Treue   (tut027) 19.90
7" ADOLF FILTER Vik En Femma Enfant Terrible   (petit015) 10.90
mLP AFTER THE SNOW Fracture Enfant Terrible   (enfant06) 13.90
LP AGENT SIDE GRINDER The Transatlantic Tape Project Enfant Terrible   (enfant16) 17.90
LP AHMED MALEK & FLAKO The Electronic Tapes Habibi Funk   (habibi005) 24.50
LP ALAIN NEFFE An Introduction To The Insane World Stroom   (stroomlp02) 24.90
LP ALEISTER CROWLEY Original Wax Recordings Mr. Suit Records   (suitable1301) 19.90
LP ALESIA COSMOS Exclusivo! Dark Entries   (de177) 22.90
LP ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI Industrial By Alessandrio Dead-Cert Home Entertainment   (vcr007) 22.90
LP ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK Vintage Robotnicks Medical Records   (mr032) 24.90
LP+DVD ALGEBRA SUICIDE Feminine Squared Dark Entries   (de042) 23.50
10" ALLIANCE Zinner Dödsdans Rekords   (ddr007) 13.90
LP ALOA Aloa Medical Records   (mr029) 23.90
LP AME DE BOUE l'Inconfort Nécessaire (ltd.255) Treue Um Treue   (tut021) 16.90
LP AMI SHAVIT In Alpha Mood Finders Keepers   (fkr077lp) 25.90
LP+CD ANDRE DE SAINT-OBIN Sound On Sound Plinkity Plonk   (plink033) 18.90
LP ANGEL POCHO GATTI Turbo Music Sonorama   (l-88) 23.50
7" ANTLERS MULM Give And Take / In Reverse Enfant Terrible   (petit014) 10.90
LP APPLEHEAD Applehead's Rache Pre-Cert   (vhsx013) 22.50
LP ARP-LIFE Z Bezpieczna Szybkoscia Gad Records   (gadlp004) 25.90
LP ART DANCE, THE Ruins Minimal Wave   (mw025) 24.90
7" ARTIFECAL I Sell My Blood (ltd.150) Hex Grammofoonplaten   (hex#4) 12.90
LP ATELIER DU MAL Atelier Du Mal Mannequin   (mnq069) 18.90
LP ATOM CRYSTAL & SATELLITE 1979 - 1985 Serendip   (serlp002) 20.90
LP AUTUMNS Terrible Tuesday D/N Records (Downwards)   (autdn01) 11.90
LP AXXESS Novels For The Moons Medical Records   (mr011) 21.90
10" BAL PARÉ Sommerwind NLW   (nlw024) 9.90
LP BEACH BOYS, THE Surfin' Safari Vinyl Passion   (vp80028) 11.90
LP BENE GESSERIT Half-Unreleased Madness Onderstroom   (os013) 24.90
LP BESTIAL MOUTHS / DEATH DAY A Split Release Desire Records   (dsr052) 13.90
12" BETA EVERS Eruption Sonic Groove   (sgx03) 11.50
2x12" BILL CONVERSE The Shapes Of Things To Come Dark Entries   (de158) 31.90
12" BILL CONVERSE Warehouse Invocation Dark Entries   (de129) 18.90
LP BILLY GREEN Stone - Original Movie Soundtrack (2010 Repress) Finders Keepers   (fkr031lp) 21.50
12" BIONDA E LUPO Zug Der Vögel Charlois   (char12) 11.90
2LP BIZARRE UNIT A Strange Functional System 1979 - 1982 Vinyl On Demand   (vod104.1/2) 29.90
12" BIZARRE UNIT A Strange Functional System 1979 - 1982 - 5 Track EP Vinyl On Demand   (vod104.3) 17.90
12" BLACK DICE Big Deal Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)   (lies071) 15.90
mLP BLACK PEOPLE Isle Of Dead Flexiwave   (flexiwave012) 17.90
12" BLACK SEED Dirty Box Sign Bit Zero   (sbz004) 12.90
LP BLACKIE Morgen Über Uns No Emb Blanc   (neb014) 23.90
10" BLANCMANGE Irene & Mavis Minimal Wave   (mw050) 19.50
LP BOCAL 5 Musique Electronique Dark Entries   (de137) 24.90
LP BORGHESIA Clones Dark Entries   (de028) 23.50
2LP BOURBONESE QUALK 1983-1987 Mannequin   (mnq061) 28.90
LP BOY KING ISLANDS Fall (blue vinyl) Eat Concrete   (eat024) 11.90
TAPE BREAST IMPLOSION Necronomicon Wool-E Tapes   (wet005) 7.00
2x12" BREMEN Second Launch Blackest Ever Black   (beb033) 26.90
LP BROADCAST Berberian Sound Studio Warp Records   (warplp233) 22.90
LP BROADCAST The Noise Made By People Warp Records   (warplp65r) 26.90
12" BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB Scars Cititrax   (citi016) 24.90
7" BRONZE One Night In Mexico / Hymn Of The Night Shepherd Hex Grammofoonplaten   (hex#2) 8.50
LP BRUCE DITMAS Yellow Dust Finders Keepers   (fkr078lp) 24.90
LP BRUCE HAACK Electric Lucifer Book II Telephone Explosion   (ter030) 29.90
LP BRUCE HAACK Hush Little Robot QDK Media   (lp032) 21.90
2LP BRUCE HAACK The Electric Voice Stones Throw Records   (sth2221) 24.90
LP BRUCE HAACK ft. ESTHER NELSON & BRUCE The Electronic Record For Children Mississippi / Change   (mrp010) 19.50
LP+CD BRUGNOLINI / CARNINI Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico Schema Records   (sceb954lp) 26.90
LP+CD BRUGNOLINI TOROSSI Musica Per Commenti Sonori Schema Records   (sceb943lp) 26.90
LP BRUNNEN Sometimes My Arms Bend Back Vrystaete   (vrystaete03) 15.90
LP BRUNO SPOERRI Extrakugel Disposable Music   (dim002) 33.90
LP BRUNO SPOERRI Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12 Finders Keepers   (fkr085lp) 23.50
LP BRUNO SPOERRI Teddy Bär / Lilith - Orinal Soundtrack Cache Cache   (cache05lp) 21.90
LP BRUNO SPOERRI Voice Of Taurus We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want   (wrwtfww014) 29.90
LP BRUNO SPOERRI & RETO WEBER The Sound Of The UFO's We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want   (wrwtfww015) 29.90
LP BURIAL HEX In Psychic Defense (1-sided ltd.300) Sound Of Cobra   (#4) 12.90
LP CABARET VOLTAIRE Mix Up Rough Trade   (qiag9172) 18.90
LP CAETHUA The Summer Is Over Before It's Begun Turned Word Records   (trd024) 20.90
7" CALICO WALL The I'm A Living Sickness / Flight Reaction (Inst Get Hip   (ghas09) 5.90
LP CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND Live 1966 - 67 Keyhole   (khlp9023) 26.50
LP CAR CRASH SET Join The Car Crash Set Anna Logue Records   (anna016) 19.90
LP CARL ORFF & GUNILD KEETMAN Music For Children Trunk   (jbh048lp) 21.90
LP CARLA DAL FORNO You Know What It's Like Blackest Ever Black   (blackestlp015) 19.50
LP CARLO SAVINA Grand Tour Sonor Music Editions   (sme17) 29.90
LP CASINO SHANGHAI Film Mecanica   (mec009) 22.90
12" CC DUST Never Going To Die Night School Records   (lssn045) 16.50
LP CHA CHA GUITRI French Synth Wave - St Etienne 1981 Born Bad Records   (bb063) 21.50
LP CHEVEU 1000 Born Bad Records   (bb032) 19.50
2LP CHRIS & COSEY Carter Tutti Plays + Remixes Chris & Cosey Conspiracy International   (ctilp012014) 29.90
LP CHRIS & COSEY Exotika Conspiracy International   (ctilp016) 20.90
LP CHRIS & COSEY Heartbeat Conspiracy International   (ctilp001) 22.50
LP CHRIS & COSEY Songs Of Love And Lust Conspiracy International   (ctilp009) 23.90
LP CHRIS & COSEY Trance Conspiracy International   (ctilp002) 22.50
LP CHRIS AND COSEY Heartbeat Rough Trade   (rough34) 18.90
7" CHRIS IMLER Vorwärts / Norwegen Meeuw Muzak   (mm038) 6.90
LP CHROMAGAIN Any Colour We Liked Anna Logue Records   (anna028) 19.90
LP CHROME Half Machine Lip Moves Cleopatra Records   (clp1991) 18.90
2LP+7" CLAIR OBSCURE A Collection Of Isolated Tracks 81 - 89 (includes a T-Shirt) Vinyl On Demand   (vod41) 59.90
LP CLAY RENDERING Snowthorn Hospital Productions   (hos433) 22.90
12" CLAY RENDERING Waters Above The Firmament Hospital Productions   (hos413) 14.90
12" CLAY RENDERING We Are Aware Hospital Productions   (hos463) 10.90
10" CODACHROM Plastinka Geometrik   (gr2129) 13.90
LP COIL Horse Rotovator Record Vox   (spv098008) 17.90
LP COIL Scatology Force & Form   (ffk1) 21.90
LP CONFESSOR Unraveled Southern Lord   (sunn057) 19.90
12" CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE Jump Over Barrels Dark Entries   (de102) 17.90
12" CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE Signals From Pier Thirteen Dark Entries   (de059) 17.90
LP CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE Situational Awareness Electronic Emergencies   (ee018) 16.50
12" CUTE HEELS Technique A-Cross Enfant Terrible   (et021) 14.90
12" CUTE HEELS Third Skin Dark Entries   (de123) 18.50
LP D.Z. LECTRIC / ANTON SHIELD Lickin' Minimal Wave   (mw047) 27.90
2LP DADACOMPUTER, THE 5ive Ximes Of Dust Vinyl On Demand   (vod115.5/6) 30.90
7" DADDY LONG LEGS Intergalactic Lover Central Processing Unit   (cpu00100111) 11.50
7" DAN I LOCKS vs BARBES D Babylon Meltdown (transperant vinyl) Belleville International   (bel762) 6.90
LP DANIELLE CIULLINI Domestic Exile Ecstatic Peace   (elp009) 19.90
12" DARK DAY Hands In The Dark Dark Entries   (de046) 15.90
7" DAS DING Dream Decay / 16 (New Mix) Tear Apart Tapes   (tat019) 12.50
12" DAS DING Industrial Universal Pinkman   (pnkmn18) 10.90
LP DAS DING Missing tapes Minimal Wave   (mw061) 26.90
7" DAS DING Nerd / Transmission Tear Apart Tapes   (tat016) 9.90
10" DAS DING Sequencer Midlight Records   (midxdhf) 10.50
7" DAS DING / IAN MARTIN If You Keep Putting Things In Perspective / I Can't Get Time Tear Apart Tapes   (tat020) 9.90
2LP DAS GEHEIM Moment Sustain Against Reality Records   (arr2lp1) 19.90
LP DAS KABINETTE Spy Thriller Minimal Wave   (mw010) 24.90
3LP+7" DATA-BANK-A K.O. City Studio Recordings 1981 - 1985 Vinyl On Demand   (vod111) 61.90
LP DE-BONS-EN-PIERRE Crepes Dark Entries   (de139) 20.50
LP DEAD MOON In The Graveyard Mississippi / Change   (mr089) 18.90
LP DEAD MOON Live At Satyricon Voodoo Doughnut Recordings   (vdr1501) 24.90
LP DEAD MOON Nervous Sooner Changes Mississippi / Change   (mrp091) 20.90
LP DEAD MOON Strange Pray Tell Mississippi / Change   (mrp041) 20.90
2LP DEATH COMET CREW Ghost Among The Crew Diagonal   (diag006) 22.90
LP DEEP PURPLE Shades Of Deep Purple Vinyl Collector   (pcsr7055) 20.90
LP DEKATRON II Geometrik   (gr2133) 23.90
LP DER PLAN Die Letzte Rache Bureau B   (bb129) 22.90
LP DER PLAN Geri Reig Medical Records   (mr005) 22.50
LP DER PLAN Normalette Suprise (ltd.550 handnumbered blue vinyl) Medical Records   (mr006) 21.90
2LP DER WERKPILOT The Wonderful World Of Vinyl On Demand   (vod105) 29.90
LP DERDIYOKLAR Ikilisi Guerssen   (guess092) 21.90
12" DETOBEAT Cliffs Lurid Music   (lurid06) 12.50
LP DEUTSCHE BANK Autopop Kernkrach   (hertz051) 24.50
LP DEUTSCHE WERTARBEIT Deutsche Wertarbeit Bureau B   (bb047) 22.90
LP DEUTSCHE WERTARBEIT Deutsche Wertarbeit Medical Records   (mr001) 22.90
12" DEUX Golden Dreams Minimal Wave   (mw040) 22.50
LP DEVO Hardcore Devo Vol.1 Superior Viaduct   (sv024) 24.90
2LP DEVO Hardcore Devo Vol.2 Superior Viaduct   (sv025) 35.90
LP DEVO Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco August 3rd 1977 (splatter vinyl ltd.349) East/West   (west913) 23.90
LP DIABOLI Invocation Northern Heritage   (nh069) 14.90
LP DIAMANTENER OBERHOF Diamantener Oberhof Vrystaete   (vrystaete04) 15.90
LP DIE DORAUS UND DIE MARINAS Blumen Und Narzissen Bureau B   (bb087) 22.90
LP DIE FORM Die Puppe Dark Entries   (de082) 20.90
LP DIE FORM Eva Johanna Reichstag / Fine Automatic - MISPRESS Vinyl On Demand   (vod71.3) 12.90
LP DIE FORM Rayon X Out Of Line   (out692) 22.90
LP DIE FORM Zoo Dark Entries   (de136) 24.90
LP DIN A TESTBILD Programm 1 Mannequin   (mnq090) 19.50
LP DIN A TESTBILD Programm 2 Mannequin   (mnq091) 19.50
LP DIN A TESTBILD Programm 3 Mannequin   (mnq092) 18.90
LP DISENO CORBUSIER Stada Dark Entries   (de135) 24.90
LP DON PEAKE The Hills Have Eyes - OST One Way Static   (ows02) 19.90
LP DORIS NORTON Parapsycho Black Widow   (bwr158) 24.90
2LP DOXA SINISTRA Newsflashes Trumpett   (trum0718) 21.90
LP DOXA SINISTRA Via Del Latte Enfant Terrible   (enfant20) 15.90
LP DR C STEIN Selected Works 1983-1988 JJ Funhouse   (jj014) 23.50
12" DUB OVEN Skin 'N' Bones Music From Memory   (mfm026) 15.90
12" DUST C U In Hell (ltd.150 1-sided) Mannequin   (mnq666) 10.90
LP EDDIE WARNER Progressive Percussions Fifth Dimension   (fd5002lp) 24.90
LP EDWARD ARTEMIEV Solaris - Original Soundtrack Mirumir Music   (mir100705) 21.90
LP EDWARD ARTEMIEV Stalker / The Mirror Mirumir Music   (mir100709) 28.90
LP EGISTO MACCHI E.S.P. Cometa Edizioni Musicali   (cmt049) 32.90
LP+CD EMBERS Kout EP Enfant Terrible   (et038) 13.90
LP ENDE SHNEAFLIET Synthimental Love Songs Trumpett   (trum0748) 16.90
LP ERICKA IRGANON / JOHN J CABANIS Ppp K010 / Ppp K017 Vinyl On Demand   (vod131.2) 17.90
10" EUROP EUROP Mellowharsher Enfant Terrible   (et015) 17.90
7" EUROP EUROP Much More Ordinary Enfant Terrible   (petit011) 10.00
LP+CD EUROP EUROP Remix Hit Parade Etch Wear   (ew30) 16.50
LP EUROP EUROP Repeating Mistakes Enfant Terrible   (enfant25) 17.90
LP EUROP EUROP Songs From The Heart Enfant Terrible   (et050) 15.50
12" EXECUTIVE SLACKS Executive Slacks Dark Entries   (de071) 16.90
LP + 7"Flexi EXECUTIVE SLACKS Seams Ruff - Unreleased Recordings 1980 - 1981 Dark Entries   (de128) 24.90
LP EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS Oxide Vinyl On Demand   (vod115.4) 18.90
10" EYE Cocktail Mexico Knekelhuis   (kh012) 12.90
LP FABIO FABOR Aquarium Sonor Music Editions   (sme16) 29.90
LP+CD FABIO FABOR Mr. Diabolicus Mr. Mysterius Schema Records   (sceb956lp) 26.90
10"+CD FACTORY FLOOR Lying (green vinyl) Factory Floor Film   (ffr001) 12.90
LP FARLOCCO Tecnologia Intervallo   (intervallo06) 22.90
LP FASHION FLESH Withdrawn Unknown Precept   (precept013) 12.90
7" FAT WORM OF ERROR #####S / Plateaus Ultra Eczema   (ue24) 13.50
LP FAUST Faust Universal Music   (5327236) 23.90
LP FAUST Something Dirty Bureau B   (bb065) 22.90
7" FIGURE STUDY Lesson One / Piroutte Dark Entries   (de049) 10.50
2LP FIVE TIMES OF DUST Smile With The Eyes Minimal Wave   (mw048) 33.90
12" FLO & ANDREW TakeSuicide Mannequin   (mnq087) 16.50
12" FLORENCE FOSTER FAN CLUB Songs From The Lab (ltd.150) Enfant Terrible   (et043) 15.90
12" FOQL Hypatia (ltd.150) Enfant Terrible   (et041) 15.90
LP FRED WEINBERG The Weinberg Method Of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock QDK Media   (lp042) 19.90
LP FURTHER REDUCTIONS Woodwork Cititrax   (citi013) 23.50
12" FUTURISK Lonely Streets - Remixes Cititrax   (citi004) 18.90
LP GARY BLANCHARD Original Soundtrack Domestica Records   (dom27l) 26.90
LP GARY SLOAN AND CLONE Harmonitalk Cache Cache   (cache04) 19.90
LP GAY CAT PARK Synthetic Woman Medical Records   (mr012) 22.90
7" GEISTERFAHRER Geisterfahrer (white vinyl) NLW   (nlw007) 9.50
2LP GIAN PIERO / DANIELA CASA / REMIGIO DUCROS Lo Sport Volume 1 Sonor Music Editions   (sme28) 29.90
LP+CD GINO CONTE Nell'Anno Della Luna Schema Records   (sceb957lp) 26.90
7" GLADBECK CITY BOMBING vs NAPOLI IS NOT NEPAL Trigger-Bug / Everything Goldrand   (none) 6.90
LP GLENN BRANCA The Ascension Superior Viaduct   (sv056) 23.90
mLP GRAHAM PHILIP D'ANCEY Sacred Heart (white vinyl) Minimal Wave   (mw011) 18.90
12" GREYHOUSE New Beats The House Dark Entries   (de166) 17.50
LP GROUP RHODA Wilderless Dark Entries   (de186) 22.90
LP GUYER'S CONNECTION Portrait Minimal Wave   (mw056) 22.90
LP GÖKÇEN KAYNATAN Anatolian Invasion #4 Finders Keepers   (fkr091lp) 23.50
LP H. TICAL Impact - Synthesized Sound And Music Intervallo   (intervallo09) 22.90
LP HARD CORPS Rarities (signed by members) Minimal Wave   (mw051) 26.90
7" HARRY MERRY ft. DRAAIORGEL "DE PANSFLUITER" Australian Sun Meeuw Muzak   (mm042) 7.90
LP HARRY PUSSY In An Emergency You Can Shit On A Puerto Rican Whore Superior Viaduct   (sv087) 17.90
mLP HEILIGE 3 KÖNIGE Heiraten Und Mehr Mond Musik   (mm004) 18.90
LP HOT GUTS Edges Blind Prophet Records   (bpr010) 14.90
LP HUGO MONTENEGRO Moog Power (bootleg?) Quadra Disc   (sdlp290) 16.90
LP HYBOID Aliens Ate My Synthesizer (blue vinyl) Astro Chicken   (ac02) 16.90
2x12" HYPNOBEAT Prototech Dark Entries   (de179) 26.90
LP HYPNOSAURUS 1991 - 1992 Porridge Bullet   (pb011) 17.90
3LP IAN BODDY Spectroscopic 1979 - 1982 Vinyl On Demand   (vod110) 61.90
12" IAN MARTIN Rites Of Passage Enfant Terrible   (et051) 17.90
LP IGGY POP & TARWATER & ALVA NOTO Leaves Of Grass Morr Music   (morr142) 21.50
LP IKE YARD Ike Yard (white vinyl) Desire Records   (dsr050lp) 26.90
LP IKO Iko '83 Medical Records   (mr038) 23.50
LP ILAIYARAAJA Solla Solla Vol.2 Finders Keepers   (fkr043lp) 21.50
12" IMPLOG Holland Tunnel Dive Dark Entries   (de074) 15.50
LP IN AETERNAM VALE Dub Minimal Wave   (mw036) 24.90
12" IN AETERNAM VALE GND Lift Minimal Wave   (mw057) 21.50
LP IN AETERNAM VALE In Aeternam Vale Minimal Wave   (mw021) 22.90
LP IN AETERNAM VALE Machine A Laver Minimal Wave   (mw049) 21.50
mLP INNERGAZE We Are Strange Loops Touch Your Life Records   (tyl002) 16.90
2LP INOX KAPELL Werkschoh Kernkrach   (herz9999) 24.90
LP INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Sleeping City Anna Logue Records   (anna029) 20.50
LP INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Sleeping City Mannequin   (mnq011) 18.90
CDr JACINTHEBOX Complete 1984/1986 Midas Music   (r07) 4.00
LP JANKO NILOVIC Soul Impressions Underdog Records   (ur000161) 26.90
2LP JEAN JACQUES PERREY Et Son Ondioline Forgotten Futures   (ff001lp) 43.50
LP JEAN JACQUES PERREY Musique Electronique Du Cosmos Wah Wah Records   (lps194) 29.50
LP JEAN-CLAUDE VANNIER l'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches Finders Keepers   (fkr001lpx) 26.90
LP JEAN-JACQUES PERREY Moog Sensations Dare Dare   (dd017lp) 18.90
LP JEAN-PIERRE DECERF Space Oddities 1975 - 1979 Born Bad Records   (bb068) 22.50
LP JOHN BENDER I Don't Want To Talk About It / I Don't Remember Know Superior Viaduct   (sv101) 27.90
LP JOHN BENDER Plaster Falling Superior Viaduct   (sv102) 26.90
LP JOHN McFARLAND Provocatif - 9 Exotic Motifs Forbidden   (fb1) 25.90
7" JON APPLETON / DON CHERRY Don / Jon Cacophonic   (cack4506) 11.90
LP JOY DIVISION Hand Of Doom Funeral Tango   (18051980) 19.90
7" JUNGLE BY NIGHT & THE GASLAMP KILLER Brass Sabbath Kindred Spirits   (ks043-7) 8.50
LP KAA ANTILOPE VPRO Radionome April 2 1982 Enfant Terrible   (enfant13) 15.90
7" KANIA TIEFFER Family Jewels (ltd.250) Hex Grammofoonplaten   (hex#5) 4.90
12" KAP BAMBINO Batcaves Because Music   (bec5772604) 8.90
LP KAP BAMBINO Blacklist Because Music   (bec5772501) 20.90
LP+CD KAP BAMBINO Devotion Because Music   (bec5161120) 15.90
5" Flexi KAREN NOVOTNY X 3 Minutes Over Brussels (Postcard Flexi Disc) Deep Distance   (dd20) 7.90
LP+CD KARL BARTOS Off The Road Bureau B   (bb079) 24.50
10" KEMA Alle Sorgenti Delle Civilta Cacophonic   (19cack) 19.50
LP KEN KESEY The Acid Test Sound City Productions   (sndcty7690) 25.90
LP KIM FOWLEY Technicolor Dreams Norton Records   (ed396) 21.50
LP KIM KI O Dans Enfant Terrible   (enfant018) 10.90
12" KIRLIAN CAMERA Helden Platz Dark Entries   (de143) 21.90
7" KONTRAVOID Native State / Cut To Cleanse Cititrax   (citi006) 11.50
LP KRAFTWERK 2 Philips   (6305117) 21.90
LP KRAFTWERK Autobahn Vertigo   (6360620) 21.90
2LP KRAFTWERK AutoUKbahn The Swinging Pig   (tsp500-109/2) 59.00
LP KRAFTWERK Computer Welt EMI   (1c06446311) 17.90
LP KRAFTWERK Electric Cafe EMI   (064240654-1) 21.90
LP KRAFTWERK Live In Denver / Köln B13   (b196) 22.90
LP KRAFTWERK Trans Europa Express EMI   (1c064-82306) 21.90
10" KVB, THE Out Of Body A Recordings   (auklp111) 15.90
12" LACE CURTAIN Nothing I Wanna Do Death From Above (DFA)   (dfa2365) 11.50
LP LAGO MORTO Obitorio Veneto Von Archives   (von007) 19.90
LP LAIBACH Neu Konservatiw (picture disc) Cold Spring   (csr38p) 28.90
LP LAIBACH Nova Akropola (silver vinyl) Optic Nerve   (opt4-016) 22.90
LP LAIKA Silver Apples Of The Moon Medical Records   (mr044) 23.50
LP LALO SCHIFRIN Mission Impossible - Original Soundtrack Dot Records   (dlp25831) 16.50
LP LAMARTINE Reportage Finders Keepers   (fkr080lp) 24.50
LP LANGSPEEL ORKEST Het De Langspeelplaat Het Langspeel Orkest   (hlso) 9.50
LP+7" LASSIQUE BENDTHAUS Matter Dark Entries   (de060) 24.90
2LP LE CAR Auto Reverse Clone   (c#cc030lp) 28.90
LP+CD LELIO LUTTAZZI I Miei Stati D'Animo Schema Records   (sceb953lp) 26.90
LP LES MALEDICTUS SOUND Attention Mucho Gusto   (mglp001) 22.90
7" LES YEUX INTERDITS Prison / Young And Strong Tear Apart Tapes   (tat018) 9.90
LP+CD LESIMAN Here And Now 2 Schema Records   (sceb924lp2) 24.90
7" LEWD Sponge Lunch / Hard Supreme Tool Supplies   (sts1) 4.00
LP LIAISONS DANGEREUSES Liaisons Dangereuses Soulsheriff Records   (sslp06) 17.90
LP LIAISONS DANGEREUSES Liaisons Dangereuses Teldec Import Service   (tis66.22433as) 17.90
LP LIQUID G. Liquidation Dark Entries   (de099) 23.50
LP LOCAL DISTORSION Situation Modulaire Pripuzzi   (pripuzzi003) 21.90
LP LORD SITAR Lord Sitar Not On Label   (none) 15.90
LP+DVD LOS MICROWAVES Life After Breakfast Dark Entries   (de044) 19.90
LP LOUIS & BEBE BARRON Forbidden Planet - Original Soundtrack (green vinyl) Poppy Discs   (poppylp012) 22.90
LP LUC VAN ACKER VPRO Radionome December 18 1981 Enfant Terrible   (enfant14) 15.90
7" LUCRATE MILK Lustiges Tierquartett Danger Records   (dr002) 7.90
LP M AX NOI MACH On The Edge Alter   (alt025) 21.90
LP M.A.L. Chemistry 2 / Early Tapes Vinyl On Demand   (vod87) 17.90
7" Lathe MAARTEN VAN DER VLEUTEN Auseinander (transparant square - ltd.22) Signum   (sign1301) 17.50
7" MACHINERY The Shape Laterax Recordings   (lat#46) 5.00
LP+7" MARCEL BONTEMPI Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-068) 25.90
7" MARK BOOMBASTIC Plastik Lieb / Hoffnung (Live) Meeuw Muzak   (mm031) 6.90
LP MARKEY FUNK Instinct - A Study On Tension, Fear And Anxiety Audio Montage Entertainment   (amlp005) 22.90
LP MARTIAL CANTEREL Forgotten Tracks, Sketches & Unfinished Work Volume II Medical Records   (mr066) 24.90
LP MARTIAL CANTEREL Forgotten Tracks, Sketches & Unfinished Work Volume III Medical Records   (mr067) 24.90
LP MARTIAL SOLSL JOUE MICHEL MAGNE Electrodes Cacophonic   (12cacklp) 21.90
12" MARTIN DUPONT The Lights Prego   (prego004) 13.90
7" MARTIN LLOYD l'Amant Electronique Minimal Wave   (mw024) 11.90
12" MARTIN MATISKE Your Time EP Vivod   (vivod018) 11.50
LP MARTOC Music For Alien Ears Em Records   (em1124lp) 22.90
10" MEKANIK KOMMANDO Blue Bananas (transparent vinyl) Tonefloat   (tf092) 16.90
LP MEKANIK KOMMANDO It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing Tonefloat   (tf160) 21.50
7" MEKANIK KOMMANDO Radio Mekanik / Connection Disconnection Tonefloat   (tf159) 10.90
12" MESSIEURS BRICOLAGE Tool Box Kernkrach   (hertz044) 21.90
2LP MINNY POPS Sparks In A Dark Room Blowpipe   (bp068) 25.90
LP MINNY POPS Stand Still To Motion - Live At The Melkweg 19-03-1981 Cargo   (2566) 18.90
7" MINNY POPS Waiting For This To Happen / Glistering Ogen   (ogen019) 8.90
12" MISS KITIN & THE HACKER Lost Tracks Vol.1 Dark Entries   (de098) 18.50
LP MISS NELSON & BRUCE HAACK Dance Sing And Listen Aurora Rising   (ar3001lp) 18.90
LP MISTYS, THE Redempted Forest Our Other Ideas   (otrlp002) 9.90
LP MISZ, THE Eddy Merckz Onderstroom   (os002) 19.90
3LP MODERN ART Sonic Dimensions 1982 - 1985 (+DVD) Vinyl On Demand   (vod112) 63.50
LP MODERN WITCH Hollywood Treue Um Treue   (tut025) 22.90
2LP MODERNE Moderne / l'Espionne Aimait La Musique Minimal Wave   (mw017) 39.90
LP MOGGI aka PIERO UMILIANI Tensione Black Sweat Records   (bs021) 26.90
LP MOLLY NILSSON Imaginations Night School Records   (lssn054) 23.50
LP MONITOR Monitor Superior Viaduct   (sv016) 22.90
12" MONOCORPS Ceremonie Caille (ltd.150) Enfant Terrible   (et042) 15.90
2LP MONOTON Monotonprodukt 07 (picture discs) Desire Records   (dsr034lppd) 34.90
7" Flexi MONOTONIX Now Joyful Noise   (jnr125) 9.50
LP MONUMENTS From The Future - The 1982-1983 Tapes Mannequin   (mnq063) 17.90
12" MULAN SERRICO Discret Crudités   (cru011) 19.90
12" MUSUMECI Harry Batasuna / Untitles - AN-I Edits Mannequin   (mnq066) 10.90
LP MÄNGELEXEMPLAR Heim Und Garten Kernkrach   (hertz043) 18.90
LP NACHT'RAUM / BANDE BERNE CREMETOIRE Expanded LP 1982-1984 Mannequin   (mnq096) 21.90
LP NAGAMATZU Igniting The Corpse Motorcade Records   (cade4lp) 21.90
LP NAGAMATZU Shatter Days Dark Entries   (de047) 19.90
LP NARASSA / ZANAGORIA Popfolkmusic Sonor Music Editions   (sme29) 34.90
7" NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK Komme, Was Komme Mag Enfant Terrible   (petit013) 6.90
LP NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK Neugeborene Nachtmusik (ltd.200) Enfant Terrible   (et040) 22.50
LP NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK / ONONT KOMBAR Split LP Ordo Viatorum   (ov001) 17.90
LP NEW ORDER Sat 20 Jun 1981 Funeral Party Not On Label   (ft20061981) 18.90
LP NICKLEBEAT They Think The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Zesde Kolonne   (zk087) 18.90
10" NIGHT MOVES Transdance G.C.1 Domestica   (dom05) 24.90
LP NINO NARDINI Musique Pour Le Futur We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want   (wrwtfww013) 29.90
LP NINO NARDINI & ROGER ROGER Jungle Obsession Fifth Dimension   (fd5015) 23.50
LP NJURMÄNNEN Masters 1992 Djuring Phonogram   (dp10) 19.90
LP NJURMÄNNEN Vem Är Pavul? Djuring Phonogram   (dp06) 26.90
LP+7" NO MORE A Rose Is A Rose Dark Entries   (de084) 28.90
12" NO MORE Suicide Commando Mannequin   (mnq065) 15.90
2LP NO SLEEP BY THE MACHINE Quadrilateral Dödsdans Rekords   (ddr010) 25.90
2LP+CD NORMA LOY Message From The Dead Vinyl On Demand   (vod64) 30.50
LP NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE Magie Fragile Hafenschlamm Rekords   (hr011) 17.90
LP NUMINOUS Numinous Northern Heritage   (nh076) 15.90
LP O.R.D.U.C. 107 (green vinyl) Motok   (mtk013-1) 15.90
2x7" O.R.D.U.C. Alien-Train & Do (Flexi + 7" green vinyl - ltd.10) Motok   (mtk007/013) 12.50
8" O.R.D.U.C. Fragments (lathe cut - limited 10 copies !!!) Motok   (mtk017-e13t) 13.50
7" O.R.D.U.C. Help (acetate limited 14 copies) Motok   (mtk017-s13-7) 22.50
LP O.R.D.U.C. Ruby Jubilee (red vinyl ltd.300) Motok   (mtk017-a11) 13.90
LP OHAMA The Potato Farm Tapes Minimal Wave   (mw038) 24.90
3LP OPERA MULTI STEEL K7 Tapes Archives 1983 - 1987 (+ book in box) Vinyl On Demand   (vod55) 62.50
12" OPERA MULTI STEEL Opera Multi Steel Dark Entries   (de067) 15.90
LP ORDNUNGSAMT ET LA POLITESSE Ameisen & Politik Hafenschlamm Rekords   (hr019) 17.90
LP ORDUC Pink & Purple (blue vinyl) New Bulwark Records & Tapes   (111-8108) 15.90
LP OUTSIDERS, THE Afraid Of The Dark Pseudonym   (vp99.012) 22.50
LP PADDY KINGSLAND & THE BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP Fourth Dimension Music On Vinyl   (movlp1035) 21.50
LP PANTZER FABRIEK Panzer Fabriek Bunker Records   (4011) 11.90
LP PARADE GROUND The Golden Years Dark Entries   (de018) 23.90
LP+CD PASCAL COMELADE + LES LIMINANAS Traité De Guitarres Triolectiques Because Music   (bec5156017) 25.90
2LP PATRIC COWLEY & JORGE SOCARRAS Catholic Dark Entries   (de080) 26.90
12" PATRICK COWLEY & JORGE SOCARRAS Soon Macro Recordings   (macro013) 10.90
LP PAUL NAGLE The Soft Room 80 -85 Vinyl On Demand   (vod115.10) 18.90
LP PAUL NELSON Vortex (multicoloured vinyl) Medical Records   (mr024) 22.50
LP PETER HOWELL & THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP Through A Glass Darkly Music On Vinyl   (movlp1036) 21.50
LP+CD PHASE 101 Durch ie Ohren Ins Gehirn Kernkrach   (krach028) 21.90
LP PHEW Light Sleep Mesh-Key   (mky020) 28.90
LP PHILIPPE LAURENT Cassettes Serendip   (serlp003) 19.90
7" PHLEGEIN Seeker Of Agony / Wall Of Names Northern Heritage   (nh074) 4.90
LP PIERO UMILIANI Kriminal (picture disc) Cinedelic   (cnpd003) 22.50
12" PIERO UMILIANI Produzione - GERARDO FRISINA Reworks Schema Records   (sceb001) 15.90
LP+CD PIERO UMILIANI Psichedelica Schema Records   (sceb931lp) 26.90
LP+CD PIERO UMILIANI Synthi Time Schema Records   (sceb930lp) 26.90
2LP PIERU UMILIANI To-Day's Sound Schema Records   (sceb928lp) 31.90
12" PLATH I Am Strange Now Mannequin   (mnq088) 14.90
LP PLUS INSTRUMENTS Februari - April '81 Poutre Apparente   (palp008) 19.90
LP POD BLOTZ Glass Tears Clan Destine Records   (cdrlp020) 16.90
12" POPSIMONOVA Staviti Crveni Ruz Enfant Terrible   (et027) 15.90
LP PORTION CONTROL I Staggered Mentally Dark Entries   (de085) 23.50
LP POST INDUSTRIAL NOISE The Official Antholgy Medical Records   (mr045) 23.50
2LP POWER OF JISM Your Son Died Laughing Heart & Crossbone Records   (hcb048) 24.90
12" PROFLIGATE Can't Stop Shaking Enfant Terrible   (et030) 15.90
7" PSEUDO CODE The Third EP EE Tapes   (ev05) 9.90
LP PSEUDOCODE Europa Sub Rosa   (srv372) 17.90
2LP PSEUDOCODE Slaughter In A Tiny Place Sub Rosa   (srv298) 24.90
12" PSYCHIC TV Alien Be-In Remix Dark Entries   (de079) 14.90
2LP PSYCHIC TV Hacienda Let Them Eat Vinyl   (letv143lp) 24.90
2LP PSYCHIC TV Live At Thee Marquee Let Them Eat Vinyl   (letv144lp) 24.90
LP PSYCHIC TV Pagan Day Dias   (dias099) 27.90
12" PSYCHIC YOUTH Our Lips Are Sealed (1-sided) Psychic Youth   (pys001) 10.90
LP PSYCHIK TV Allegory And Self Dias   (dais098) 27.90
LP+CD PUCCIO ROELENS Musica Per Commenti Sonori Schema Records   (sceb947lp) 26.90
LP PUCCIO ROELENS Rock Satellite Fifth Dimension   (fd5014lp) 29.90
LP PURE GROUND Gift Garden Avant! Records   (av!043) 19.90
LP PURE GROUND Standard For Living Avant! Records   (av!037) 19.90
12" PYRAMID CLUB Cyclic Obsession Unknown Precept   (precept010) 11.50
7" QUERELLE Pas De Pitie / Suicidal Acrobat Flexiwave   (flexiwave016) 10.50
LP QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS 96 Tears Cameo Parkway   (c2004) 17.90
7" R A D K O Cherno PPP / Brutalista Enfant Terrible   (petit016) 10.90
12" RADERKRAFT Keine Richtung Testlab Records   (2016.002) 15.50
LP RAMONES Shock Treatment (razorblade shaped disc) Coda Publishing   (cplpd045) 23.90
7" RAS ZACHARRI vs I-TIST RIDDIM SECTION Cold Blooded Viper / Viper's Dub Kinshasa Records   (kr701) 5.90
LP RED CRAYOLA WITH THE FAMILIAR UGLY The Parable Of Arable Land International Artists   (ialp2) 15.90
LP REDREDRED Pattern Completion Dark Entries   (de069) 21.90
LP REMIGIO DUCROS & LUCIANO SIMONCINI America Amore Amaro Sonor Music Editions   (sme13) 29.90
LP RESIDENTS, THE Duck Stab MVD Audio   (mvd5452lp) 19.90
12" RICHARD H KIRK Never Lose Your Shadow Minimal Wave   (mw055) 23.50
12" RICHENEL La Differencia Music From Memory   (mfm017) 17.50
TAPE ROBERT LAWRENCE & MARK PHILLIPS The Dada Computer Minimal Wave   (mw046) 14.90
LP ROBERT TURMAN Way Down Burka For Everybody   (bfe018) 22.50
LP ROBERTO PREGADIO & ROMANO MUSSOLINI Kriminal - Original Soundtrack (pic disc) Cinedelic   (cdpd001) 17.90
2LP+CD RODION G.A. The Lost Tapes Strut   (strut111lp) 31.50
LP ROGER ROGER Musique Idiote Sonitron Records   (st004) 21.50
LP+DVD ROLLING STONES The Marque Club Live In 1971 Eagle Vision   (erdvlp086) 24.90
LP+CD ROVI aka PIERO UMILIANI Discomusic Schema Records   (sceb959lp) 26.90
LP RUSS GARCIA Fantastica Sonitron Records   (st006) 21.90
LP RUTH ft. MUSHY Far From Paradise Three:Four Records   (tfr016) 19.90
12" S.M. NURSE That's The Body Domestica   (dom29l) 24.90
LP S.T. CORDELL Do Not Go Gentle / Exodus Zesde Kolonne   (zk090) 18.90
12" SAM DE LA ROSA Earth Wrat Mannequin   (mnq109) 13.90
LP SAM ROSENTHAL Tanzmusik Mannequin   (mnq029) 17.50
LP SAMUEL LLOYD SPENCE Sam Spence Sounds Finders Keepers   (fkr028lp) 21.50
7" SANDRA ELECTRONICS Sandra Plays Electronics Minimal Wave   (mw042) 12.50
LP SANDRA ELECTRONICS Want Need Minimal Wave   (mw054) 24.50
12" SARALUNDEN Suggestive Boy Enfant Terrible   (et031) 15.90
LP SAURE KELLER Nur Der Gute Darf Leiden Was Soll Das Schallplatten   (wsdp113) 19.90
10" SCHEDELVRETER Hunkur Minimal Wave   (mw034) 17.50
LP SEVERED HEADS City Slab Horror Medical Records   (mr035) 22.90
12" SEVERED HEADS Dead Eyes Opened Dark Entries   (de070) 14.50
12" SEVERED HEADS Lamborghini / Petrol Dark Entries   (de104) 18.90
2LP SEVERED HEADS Stretcher Medical Records   (mr060) 29.90
LP SEX PISTOLS Live Trondheim July 21st 1977 (red vinyl) Not On Label   (none) 26.90
LP SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, THE Live 1966 Sundazed   (lp5473) 29.50
2LP SHIT AND SHINE 229-2299 Girls Against Shit Riot Season   (reposelp022) 28.90
LP SILVER APPLES Silver Apples (foldout cover) Phoenix Records   (ashlp3003) 23.90
7" SLEEP MUSEUM Mysterious Organum Anna Logue Records   (anna004.2006) 9.90
12" SMERSH M Appeal Knekelhuis   (kh008) 11.90
LP SMERSH Super Heavy Solid Waste Dark Entries   (de090) 24.90
LP SOLITUDE FX Sfx Enfant Terrible   (enfant25) 15.50
LP SOLOIST & SECOND APARTMENT LP Dub Ito   (dubito004) 13.90
7" SOLOLUST The Sleeper Must Awake Enfant Terrible   (petit012) 10.00
7" SOLOLUST Total Loss (orange vinyl) Enfant Terrible   (petit009) 9.50
7" SOMNAMBULIST / M. BRYO. Facing The Moon Minimal Wave   (mw006) 10.90
LP SONIC YOUTH Confusion Is Sex Neutral   (n.9) 18.90
LP SONIC YOUTH Live In Austin - November 26 1988 Dol   (dor2023h) 18.50
7" SPACE KNIGHT Staying In / Vox Boss Börft Records   (dp17) 10.50
LP SPK Machine Age Sessions Sat Records   (sat84) 29.90
7" STAATSEINDE Ende Der Zukunft Enfant Terrible   (petit010) 10.00
mLP STAATSEINDE Neue Zyklus Enfant Terrible   (et054) 18.90
LP STACIAN Person L Night School Records   (lssn053) 20.90
LP STELVIO CIPRIANI UST 7013 Sonor Music Editions   (sme30) 34.90
LP+CD STORUNG This Is Future Clogsontronics   (sg008) 21.90
LP STRANGER STATION Echoes In Infinity Anna Logue Records   (anna022) 17.90
5x12" STRATIS Mokoyaro 1982 - 1985 Vinyl On Demand   (vod107) 79.90
LP STRESS The Big Wheel Other Voices   (vox12lp) 17.90
LP STU PHILLIPS Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - Original Soundtrack (red vinyl) Harkit Records   (hrklp8032) 24.90
LP+CD SUDDEN INFANT Wölfi's Nightmare Voodoo Rhythm Records   (vr1282) 21.90
LP SUICIDE Ghost Riders Roir   (ruslp8234) 13.90
LP SUICIDE Suicide Red Star   (26207xot) 18.90
LP SUICIDE Suicide - Alan Vega Martin Rev Superior Viaduct   (sv110) 26.90
LP SUN RA & THE BLUES PROJECT Batman And Robin (picture disc) Doxy   (dop8011) 19.90
LP SUN RA & THE BLUES PROJECT Batman And Robin Klimt Records   (mjj311) 14.90
LP SYMBOTER Tape Works 1980 - 1982 Vinyl On Demand   (vod115.7) 18.90
LP TAFO BROTHERS Plugged In Pakistani Pops Disposable Music   (dim001) 33.90
2LP TECHNO MENSES / KIMIHIDE KUSAFUKA Requiem In The Sun / Re-Musick Vinyl On Demand   (vod131.11+12) 30.90
LP THE BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP The Soundhouse Silva Screen Records   (sillp1511) 29.90
LP THE BIRTHDAY PARTY A Fuckin' Rotten Business This ! Tuff Monk Records   (tf391) 17.90
LP+CD THE BRAEN'S MACHINE Temi Ritmici E Dinamici Schema Records   (sceb933lp) 26.90
LP THE CRAMPS Live At The Nashville Rooms London 1979 Creepy Crawl Records   (hog001) 21.90
2LP THE DEAD WEATHER Horehound Third Man Records   (tmr008) 29.90
LP THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN U4 Club Wien Austria April 10th 1987 East/West   (west919) 24.90
2LP THE KITCHEN CINQ When The Rainbow Disappears Light In The Attic Records   (lita130) 29.90
12" THE PAGAN RITES Every Mauser & Browning Ratlife Records   (rat04) 11.50
12" THE POOL Dance It Down Dark Entries   (de130) 18.50
LP THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP The Radiophonic Workshop Music On Vinyl   (movlp926) 21.50
2LP THE RESIDENTS Residue Of The Residents Superior Viaduct   (sv073) 29.90
2LP THE ROLLING STONES 2120 South Michigan Avenue The Swinging Dog Records   (chess1/2) 29.90
LP THE ROLLING STONES Another Time Another Place Coda Publishing   (cplvny097) 22.90
LP THE ROLLING STONES Live At The BBC ... And Beyond Coda Publishing   (cplvny018) 24.90
LP THE ROLLING STONES Live In Paris 1965 Coda Publishing   (cplvny032) 23.50
LP THE ROLLING STONES Live On Air 1963-1964 Volume One Reel-To-Reel Music Company   (reeltoreellp3) 19.90
LP THE ROLLING STONES Live On Air 1963-1964 Volume One (picture disc) Reel-To-Reel Music Company   (reeltoreellp4) 21.90
LP THE ROLLING STONES Previously Unreleased Coda Publishing   (cplvny022) 26.90
10" THE SEEDS Evil Hoodoo Big Beat   (ltdep010) 17.90
12" THE SYSTEM The System Music From Memory   (mfm013) 14.90
LP THE VELVET ILLUSIONS The Velvet Illusions Moi J'Connais Records   (mjcr030) 21.90
LP THE WOOFERS AND THE TWEETERS ENSEMBLE Meet The Barkers Aberrant Records   (aberrant001) 23.90
12" THE-NE21 La Festa Del Metallo She Lost Kontrol   (slk000) 11.90
LP THIRD DOOR FROM THE LEFT Face The Firing Squad Vinyl On Demand   (vod58) 18.50
12" THIS MORN' OMINA Nagash Enfant Terrible   (et029) 15.90
LP THIS PERFECT DAY No Frills Just Noise Synthetic Shadows   (#15) 20.90
12" TOBIAS BERNSTRUP 1984 Enfant Terrible   (et002) 15.90
12" TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Destruction Enfant Terrible   (et023) 14.90
2LP TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Romanticism Enfant Terrible   (et039) 28.50
LP TOM ELLARD Eighties Cheesecake Dark Entries   (de076) 20.90
LP TONIO RUBIO Rhythms Fifth Dimension   (fd5022lp) 27.90
LP TOOLS YOU CAN TRUST Working And Shopping (ltd.270) Burka For Everybody   (bfe020) 23.90
LP TRANQUIL EYES Fact & Fiction Onderstroom   (os034) 21.50
7" TRANS LUV AIRLINES Jij Wil Mij! (ltd.106 copies with handmade sleeves) Trans Luv Airlines   (tla001) 6.50
LP TRANSFIGURE Translation Bordello A Parigi   (bap061) 14.50
2x12" TREK WITH QUINTRONIC Landing Dark Entries   (de061) 19.90
12" TRENTE OISEAUX FAMILIERS Trente Oiseaux Familiers Dataglitch   (dg0016) 10.90
12" TROPIC OF CANCER Archive: The Downwards Singles Blackest Ever Black   (blackest041) 17.90
LP TSE-TSE Land In Sicht Medical Records   (mr043) 18.90
12" TV SOVIETICA Maquetas 1983 - 1984 Demos Atemporal   (at006) 24.90
LP TWILIGHT RITUAL The Factory Scream Onderstroom   (os018) 22.90
LP TWINS Rather Not Enfant Terrible   (enfant27) 20.90
LP UMBERTO Prophecy Of The Black Widow Burka For Everybody   (bfe024) 18.90
LP VAELIUM / TCH The Vaelium Collective Presents... (blue vinyl) Dislocation Deity   (dd006) 15.90
2LP VAN KAYE & IGNIT A Slight Delay Dark Entries   (de083) 27.90
5LP VAN KAYE + IGNIT Anthology 1980-85 (in box) Vinyl On Demand   (vod86) 97.90
12" VANGELIS Who KIlled The Dragon? (The BYG Sessions) Finders Keepers   (fkrmaxi01) 14.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 Contort Yourself   (cy80lp01) 26.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS [Cease & Desist] DIY ! (Cult Classics From The Post-Punk Era 1978 - 1982 Optimo Music   (omdiy01) 24.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Absolute Belter Finders Keepers   (fkr030lp) 26.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Akriliko Cometa Edizioni Musicali   (cmt044) 33.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Back From The Grave Volume Ten Crypt   (crypt115) 21.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS BART - Bay Area Retrograde Vol.2 Dark Entries   (de075) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS BBC Radiophonic Music Music On Vinyl   (movlp295) 21.50
2x10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Beat From Badsville Vol.3 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-048) 29.50
2x10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Beat From Badsville Vol.4 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-076) 27.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Beat Fräuleins Bureau B   (bb093) 19.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Bingo! - French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 Born Bad Records   (bb095) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Biologia Marina Intervallo   (intervallo03) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Bloodstains Over Europe #2 Bloodstains   (none) 14.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Bodysection Spittle Records   (spittle08) 19.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Boom-A-Lay Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-070) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Brazilian Nuggets - Back From The Jungle Vol.2 Groovie Records   (gro03) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Britxotica Goes East Trunk   (jbh059lp) 27.90
2LP+CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Change The Beat - The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987 Strut   (strut102lp) 26.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Chicas! - Spanish Female Singers Volume 2 1963 - 1978 Vampi Soul   (vampi162) 26.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Classroom Projects - Incredible Music Made By Children In Schools Trunk   (jbh049lp) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves Of Color Color Tapes   (colorlp01) 31.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Commenti Musicali Spaziali 1: Suoni Dal Futuro Vol.1 Contempo   (co4005lp) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Commenti Musicali Spaziali 2: Suoni Dal Futuro Vol.2 Contempo   (co4006lp) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Commenti Musicali Thrilling Tensione Terrore: Ansiogeni Contempo   (co4007lp) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Conquer The World vol.2 (LTD 500 - red vinyl) Psychodelic Records   (psycho005) 19.90
LP+CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Consumer Manouvres Cold Beats   (cbr011) 15.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Creatures From Outer Space (green vinyl) Uranus Records   (uran001) 18.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982 - 1987 Mannequin   (mnq005) 21.90
TAPE VARIOUS ARTISTS De Koer 1981 - Demo's & Live Recordings Testlab Records   (2016.001) 13.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS De Koer 1981 - Demo's & Live Recordings Testlab Records   (2016.003) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982 - 1984 Mannequin   (mnq060) 20.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol.2 Born Bad Records   (bb073) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Division Avanzada Independiente - Amigos Electricos 1 - Spanish Synth Wave 1981-1986 Atemporal   (at004) 21.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Doob Doob 0'Rama 2 QDK Media   (lp036) 22.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Doppelhertz (+Bag) Hertz-Schrittmacher   (hertz020) 34.90
7" VARIOUS ARTISTS Effenaar Discos Transgenero   (trans-1) 7.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Electro Convulsive Therapy Vol.3 Medical Records   (mr049) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronic Toys 2 - A Retrospective Of 70's Synthesizer Music QDK Media   (lp028) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS ElectroUnique Vol.1 Electunes   (01) 17.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS ElectroUnique Vol.5 Electunes   (05) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Embellishment Collection 1 Börft Records   (borft017) 16.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Essere EP Aspecto Humano   (ah001) 11.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS EU12 (ltd.100) Motok   (mtk021-a11) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Everything Is Shit - Punk In Brussels 1977-79 Sub Rosa   (srv376) 18.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Everywhere Chainsaw Sound 1 Feed The Mind   (ftmlp001) 17.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Exploitations - Original Soundtrack Enfant Terrible   (et017) 32.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Fashion Victims - A Selection Of Fresh New Beat Fenix Fire Records   (asgff001) 11.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Few Tricks For Nervous Dealmakers EP Contort Yourself   (cy004) 14.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Foundation Rockers M Records   (lp250) 16.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Freikörperkultur Enfant Terrible   (et035) 15.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS French Synth Lovers #2 Serendip   (serlp004) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Frolic Dinner vol.2 Romulan   (ufox15) 19.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS From Heavy Metal Bashing To Leisure Pursuits EP Contort Yourself   (cy007) 11.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Frauleins Vol.2 Bureau B   (bb061) 22.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Ghoul's Night Out Vol.1 Simpletone Records   (simple352) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Ghoul's Night Out Vol.2 (orange vinyl) Simpletone Records   (simple353) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Girls With Guitars Ace Records   (hiqlp024) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Glam Stains - Across Europe Vol.1 Two Sevens Clash Records   (2-77-c-005) 18.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Glam-O-Rama Vol.1 Kiss Kiss Records   (kkk781001) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Glamstains Volume 2: Rebels Rule Glamstains   (glam2) 18.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol.15: Winsconsin Pt.2 Archive International Productions   (aip10025) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS I Am Enfant Terrible Enfant Terrible   (etx) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A GoGo World (green vinyl ltd 600) Psychodelic Records   (psycho004) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Boss! Man! Now Sounds Records   (now001) 19.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Italian Library Music Party Vol.1 Black Cat Records   (bcr0103dlp) 26.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Jigsaw Puzzle Vol.1 Boss-A-Tone Records   (bat08) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Joe Meek - Portrait Of A Genius Mr. Suit Records   (suitable1304) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Johnny Trunk Presents... Funny Old Shit - A Trunk Records Sampler Vol.1 Trunk   (jhr052lp) 20.90
10"+CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Jukebox Fever Vol.1 - 1956 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-077) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Kale Plankieren - Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981-1985 Vol.1 Knekelhuis   (kh009) 24.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Kamp Holland Enfant Terrible   (enfant17) 23.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Katanga! - Ahbe Casabe Captain High Records   (ch4808-1) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Keystone State Rock Vol.2 Now Sounds Records   (now7) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Kick Off! - 18 Soccer Stompers Soccer Thug Records   (none) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Killed By Synth Vol.1 Killed By Synth   (kbs01) 19.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Klangfarbe - German Democratic Republic Tape Music 1983-1987 Mannequin   (mnq076) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Las Vegas Grind Vol.2 Strip   (strip002) 14.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Make Them Die Slowly Cult Vinyl   (cv013) 22.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Michicagan Misfits Vol.1 Tomahawk Records   (trlp01) 25.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Mondo Hollywood Reel Time   (rtlp1006) 17.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Monster A Go-Go Bamboo   (bamlp7013) 22.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS More Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotica & Titty Shakers Vol.9: Shadrach Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-088) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Mundo Inferno Vol.1 Deville's Pad   (dp61211) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Murray CY Edits Knekelhuis   (kh004) 18.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Murray CY Edits Sign Bit Zero   (sbz003) 15.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Music From Planet Earth Vol.1 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-043) 22.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Music From Planet Earth Vol.2 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-060) 22.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Musica Per L'Immagine Fly By Night   (fbnmlp001) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Musiques Electroniques En France 1974-1984 Vol.2 Replica   (rpc016) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na - Batman Theme Triola Records   (td313) 23.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na ~ Batman Theme Returns 1966 Records Inc.   (1966-14) 23.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Nasty Rockabilly Vol.16 B-Sharp   (b-sharplp6/21) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS No Tease Teenage Shutdown   (tslp6612) 14.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Noblesse Oblige Enfant Terrible   (et044) 17.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Nostra Signora Delle Tenebre Backwards   (bw20) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS OOPS! - Va Va Voom! Vol.5 Floridita Records   (frlp07) 18.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Orgelvärk Minimal Wave   (mw033) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Ouch! - Va Va Voom ! Vol.4 Floridita Records   (frlp06) 18.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Owski Urities Owski Records   (or001) 14.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Oz Waves - Lost Australian DIY Recordings Efficient Space   (es004) 26.50
5LP+10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Pardon Me For Barging In Like This - M-Squared Rare Recordings (+ book in box) Vinyl On Demand   (vod62) 89.00
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Pebbles Vol.12 Archive International Productions   (aip10002) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Pebbles Vol.13 Archive International Productions   (aip10013) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Pop-Paraphrenia Sonar Music Editions   (sme15) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Psychedelic Unknowns Vol.8 Scrap Records   (scrap08) 19.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Psychedelic Unknowns Vol.9 Scrap Records   (scrap09) 19.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Punk 45 - Les Punks: The French Connection Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp354) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Rare Music From The Cometa's Archives Cometa Edizioni Musicali   (cmt048) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Rekordfahrt Negativ - Diagonal Über Den Asphalt Förderung Kosmischer Kunst (FKK)   (fkk10.005) 21.90
LP+7" VARIOUS ARTISTS Rembrandt Record Story Break-A-Way Records   (break044) 26.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Rumours From The Harem - More Oriental Exotica Doghouse & Bone Records   (dgr-ex02) 19.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Saboo - Va Va Voom ! Vol.3 Floridita Records   (frlp05) 17.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Saints And Sinners Vol.5 Sheik Records   (sheiklp505) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Saints And Sinners Vol.6 Sheik Records   (sheiklp606) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Sangron Vol.1 Electronic Emergencies   (ee019) 16.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Schnitzelbeat Vol.1 - I Love You Baby! Digatone   (dig004) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Schnitzelbeat Vol.2 - You Are The Only One Digatone   (dig006) 27.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik Cache Cache   (cache12lp) 25.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Selectors 003: Marcel Dettmann Dekmantel   (slctrs003) 24.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Sherwood At The Controls Vol.1 On U Sound   (onulp128) 26.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Sherwood At The Controls Vol.2 On U Sound   (onulp132) 28.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Sign Bit Zero - Wosto & Kilian Krings Edits Sign Bit Zero   (sbz002) 15.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Slitherama Vol.3 Bamboo   (bamlp7016) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Slow Grind Fever Vol.4 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-065) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Slow Grind Fever Vol.5 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-074) 22.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Some Have To Dance... ...Some Have To Kill Mecanica   (mec027) 19.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Strummin' Mental Vol.2 Link Wraycords   (lw1962) 15.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Synesthesia - Medical Records The First Five Years Medical Records   (mr050) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Tabu! Vol.4 Paris Hollywood Records   (folie004) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Terra Incognita Emotional Rescue   (erc034) 20.90
4LP+7" VARIOUS ARTISTS The Insane Box (incl. T-SHIRT) Vinyl On Demand   (vod59) 85.00
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The International Vicious Society Vol.2 University Of Vice   (uovr002) 21.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The International Vicious Society Vol.4 University Of Vice   (uovr005) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The International Vicious Society Vol.6 University Of Vice   (uovr007) 21.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Keystone Effect Vol.1 - 14 Lost & Psychedelic Tracks From The Pennsylvanian Underground Franklin Records   (pa1787) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol.2 Crypt   (crypt110) 19.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS The Man With The Licence Doghouse & Bone Records   (dgr-ex04) 19.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS The Return Of Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotica & Tittyshakers Vol.5: Gibble Gobble Spoonful   (spoonlp6) 16.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS The Return Of Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotoca & Tittyshakers Vol.5: Gibble Gobble Spoonful   (spoonfullp6) 16.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS The Return Of Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotoca & Tittyshakers Vol.6: Sadaba Spoonful   (spoonfullp7) 18.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Rhythm Shack Vol.2 Sheik Records   (sheiklp702) 20.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol.2 Outernational   (outre002) 29.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol.3 Outernational   (outre003) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Temptation Tapes Vol.1 Hommage Records   (hrlp003) 27.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS This World / Pretty Looks Wackies   (w1050) 10.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Tropical Britxotica Trunk   (jbh062lp) 22.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS TV Sound And Image Volume One Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp257v1) 24.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS TV Sound And Image Volume Two Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp257v2) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.10 Twistin Rumble   (tr62020) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.2 Twistin Rumble   (tr62012) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.3 Twistin Rumble   (tr62013) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.4 Twistin Rumble   (tr62014) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.5 Twistin Rumble   (tr62015) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.6 Twistin Rumble   (tr62016) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin Rumble vol.8 Twistin Rumble   (tr62018) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Twistin' Time vol.2 Knight Records   (knightlp1002) 12.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ultrawave 2 Hot Vitamin   (hotvit2) 11.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Va Va Voom !! Floridita Records   (frlp03) 18.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Versus Refuge Records   (ref002) 10.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Voodoo Party Vol.2 University Of Vice   (uovr011) 21.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Earplug No.1 4MG Records   (4mglp12) 10.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Wavy Gravy - For Adult Enthusiasts Beware   (beware001lp) 19.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Wavy Gravy - Four Hairy Policemen Beware   (beware999) 18.50
TAPE VARIOUS ARTISTS Wir Triumphieren - Bergedorfs Kinderbandszene 1981 - 86 (+ download code) Alarm   (at013) 14.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Wizzz! Vol.2 Born Bad Records   (bb013) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Wizzz! Vol.3 Born Bad Records   (bb069) 22.50
3LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Xenophone International (in box) Vinyl On Demand   (vod113) 59.90
LP+CD VARIOUS ARTISTS / RATS ON RAFTS Vinyl Box (Magazine + LP + CD + Poster + Photograph in box.) Lebowski   (none) 25.00
LP VICE VERSA 1979 - 1980 Democratic Dancebeat   (ddr001) 19.90
LP VIDEO LOOK Kall Lycka Flexiwave   (flexiwave011) 17.50
LP VINYL WILLIAMS Brunei Company Records   (chi04) 22.50
12" VITOR HUBLOT Piron N'Veut Nin Dinser Kess Kill   (kess06) 10.90
12" WE ARE THE HUNTERS Outerspace Moments Burka For Everybody   (bfe017) 22.50
mLP WETWARE When You Respond Bank Records NYC   (bnk011) 16.90
LP X-RAY POP Ding Dong Disques 1984 - 1989 Cache Cache   (cache10a) 19.90
LP X-RAY POP Ding Dong Dubs 1984 - 1989 Cache Cache   (cache10b) 19.90
7" X-RAY POP Living Dead / Rock 'n Popoff Cache Cache   (cache11) 10.90
LP X-RAY POP Pirate! Cache Cache   (cache09) 19.90
12" XAO SEFF CHEQUE Du Und Ich Kess Kill   (kess02) 10.90
7" XIU XIU Remixes: I Luv Abortion / Joey's Song Bad Paintings   (bp7002) 7.50
LP XORIS PERIDERAIO Xoros Gia Mousiki Eirkti   (eirmi02) 19.90
LP YASUAKI SHIMIZU Made To measure Vol.12: Music For Commercials Crammed Disc   (mtm12) 25.90
LP ZAHGURIM Moral Rearmament Mannequin   (mnq082) 21.90
LP ZIPPS, THE Kicks And Chicks: Ever Stoned Pseudonym   (vp99.016) 22.50
12" ZOMBIES UNDER STRESS Stalin Mannequin   (mnq086) 14.90
LP ZYX Trust No Woman Dark Entries   (de112) 23.90