Disco Boogie Cosmic

Type Artist Title Label Euro  
2LP 2 KATARA Break At Home Into The Light   (itl006) 22.90
LP [PHYSICS] Starport Orbeatize   (beat01) 24.90
2x12" A VISION OF PANORAMA A Vision Of Panorama Chit Chat Records   (ccr011) 27.50
2LP A.P.S.D. Digital Dust Hot Shot Sounds   (hs009) 24.90
12" ABCF aka A BAND CALLED FLASH Phantom Future Vision World   (fvw003) 10.50
12" ALBION Mahatma Mambo Macadam Mambo   (mme20002) 14.90
7" AMADEO 85 ft. AMEEGA & LEXWORXX French Hustler / Go To Feel It Happy Milf Records   (hmr007) 10.90
12" ANBAU Unkforce EP Aspecto Humano   (ah002) 12.90
2x12" ARIAN Arian Favorite Recordings   (fvr128lp) 29.50
12" ASTROCAT Astrocat Honey Glazed Records   (hgr006) 11.90
LP AURA Aura Aloha Got Soul   (agslp002) 29.90
LP AURRA Body Rock Family Groove   (fg7000) 24.90
12" BECKER & STEGMANN & ZEUMER Ich Traume So Leise Von Dir Music From Memory   (mfm015) 14.90
12" BECKIE BELL In The Right Place Omaggio   (omaggio004) 11.50
12" BEN PENN Spare Hobby / Carrera Safe Trip   (st004) 12.90
LP BENEDEK Coolin' Arcane   (arc004) 25.90
LP BENEDEK Test Pressing Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu053) 23.90
12" BEPPE LODA Obscure Cuts III Oscillator   (osci003) 10.50
12" BEPPE LODA Obscure Italian Disco Funky Violette Szabo   (szab05) 10.90
12" BERANEK Dra Te Haelvete Olsen   (ols012) 11.50
12" BEZIER Cosmologist EP Honey Soundsystem Records   (hny012) 18.90
12" BEZIER Primes Dark Entries   (de171) 17.50
12" BIG APPLE BAND aka BAB Party & Get On Down Athens Of The North   (ath12003) 14.50
12" BINARY CHAFFINCH Guitar Shaped Heart (1-sided) Dissident   (chaffinch2) 8.90
12" BIONDA & LUPO Ton Rire EP Bordello A Parigi   (bap053) 14.50
12" BLACKBELT ANDERSEN Lordag Claremont 56   (c56009) 10.50
12" BOBBY DAVENPORT Time (Has Come) Flexx   (flexx006) 8.90
12" BOBBY JIMMY & THE CRITTERS Roaches Rams Horn   (rhr3722) 13.50
LP BOTTIN I Have What I Gave 2MR   (2mr026) 15.90
12" BOTTIN feat. LAVINIA CLAWS Y-A-M-L 2MR   (2mr025) 11.90
LP BRIAN BENNETT Voyage Isle Of Jura   (islelp001) 19.90
12" BRIAN BRIGGS Special Sampler Selected Music From The Album Brain Damage Get On Down Sound   (get120412) 19.50
2LP BRIAN ELLIS Mirror / Mirror Chit Chat Records   (ccr012) 26.90
12" BYRON Too Much Best Record Italy   (bst-x023) 18.90
7" C.O.O.L BAND / MANZANEM Jam 1 / Don't Interrupt Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu077) 11.90
12" CALIBAN Digital Reggae Music From Memory   (mfm022) 16.50
12" CALVIN B. RHONE I Believe! Favorite Recordings   (fvr129) 18.90
12" CAZBEE Attack Attack ! Ghost Town   (gt010) 14.90
12" CAZBEE Who? What? / Happy Ghost Town   (gt009) 14.90
12" CHARLIE Spacer Woman Dark Entries   (de077) 17.50
12" CHINA China Frastuono   (tuono2) 22.50
12" CIRCUITRY She's Just That Type Of Girl / Under Pressure Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu086) 16.90
12" CLASS ACTION ft. CHRIS WILTSHIRE Weekend Sleeping Bag Records   (slx001) 19.90
12" CLAUDE RODAP Bélétronic Rush Hour   (rh-rss022) 10.90
LP CLAUDE RODAP & FREGATE ORCHESTRA Syn_Ka Granit Records   (gr001) 22.50
12" CLOUD ONE Cloude One Patty Duke Sound Of New York   (703) 13.90
12" CLYDE ALEXANDER & SANCTION Got To Get Your Love P&P Records   (hos905) 19.90
12" CODEK Dance Machine Dark Entries   (de165) 17.50
LP COLLEGE Old Tapes Valerie   (ami01) 21.90
12" COMPUTA GAMES Cosmic Dispatch Hobo Camp   (hobo006) 22.50
7" COMPUTA GAMES ft. K MAXX Do Your Thing / Feel Right 2Nite Austin Boogie Crew   (abc003) 11.90
12" CONGA SQUARE Secada Mondalta Palto Flats   (pff01) 12.90
12" CREDIT 00 / DUNKELTIER Pink Blunted / Discotrain Ratlife Records   (rat1) 10.50
12" CUTE HEELS The Glorius Dance Moustache Records   (mst032) 11.50
12" DAM-FUNK O.B.E. / Special Friends Stones Throw Records   (sth2368) 14.90
12" DANIEL T Fahrenheit / Celsius Cosmic Pint Glass   (cpg007) 10.90
12" DAVID VUNK & MIMA Dov'e L'Amore Electronic Emergencies   (ee009) 12.90
12" DAZZLE Explain Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu045) 14.90
LP DECA Alkaid Bordello A Parigi   (deca002) 16.90
12" DENIS MPUNGA & PAUL K. Criola Remixed Music From Memory   (mfm023) 17.90
12" DIAMOND ORTIZ Rite Back Atcha Austin Boogie Crew   (abc006) 20.90
12" DIP IN THE POOL On Ritinae Music From Memory   (mfm010) 14.90
12" DISCODROMO Guina - ANDY BLAKE's Edit (1-sided) Dissident   (dromo1) 12.50
12" DJ BROTHER CLIVE Bombay Disco 2 Cultures Of Soul   (cos602) 16.90
7" DMX KREW Galaxy Love / Didn't I? Fresh Up Records   (fresh009) 10.90
LP DWIGHT SYKES On The Rocks Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu080) 23.90
12" E.T. WEBSTER My Music Sol Discos   (sol1002) 17.90
12" ELITECHNIQUE Disco D'Azur / Riva Riviera Bordello A Parigi   (bap094) 11.90
12" ELITECHNIQUE Electric Evening Clone   (cx27) 8.90
7" ELITECHNIQUE Flash / Le Physique Et Le Figure Disques Panoramiques   (dqp002) 10.50
12" ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Fire In My Heart Isle Of Jura   (isle001) 10.50
12" EVANS PYRAMID Where Love Lives / I Want Your Body Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu060) 18.90
12" FIERO Modus Operandi Giallo Disco   (gd021) 11.90
12" FOSTER JACKSON GROUP Feel The Spirit P&P Records   (lr5050d) 19.90
LP FREDERIC MIRAGE Timemachine Private Records   (369.019) 21.90
12" FREE ARTS BAND Inhouse EP Fasaan Recordings   (fa010) 11.50
12" FRUIT If You Feel It Say Yeah / Say It Athens Of The North   (ath12002) 15.50
7" FUNKMASTER OZONE This Groove / Bass From Space Happy Milf Records   (hmr004) 10.90
12" FUROR EXOTICA More Is More Bordello A Parigi   (bap088) 11.90
12" G-MACHINE Flying Objects Bordello A Parigi   (bap090) 11.50
12" G. RACE On Fire Bordello A Parigi   (bap100) 13.90
LP GALAXY TOOBIN' Galaxy Toobin' Creme Organisation   (cremelp07) 10.50
LP GARRETT Private Life Music From Memory   (mfm021) 18.90
12" GAUSSIAN CURVE The Distance Music From Memory   (mfm018) 17.90
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.10 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-10) 11.90
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.11 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-11) 11.90
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.3 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-3) 11.90
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.6 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-6) 10.50
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.7 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-7) 11.90
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.8 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-8) 10.50
12" GAY MARVINE Bath House Etiquette Vol.9 Bath House Etiquette   (bhe-9) 12.90
LP GERHARD HEINZ Library Music Private Records   (369.012) 21.50
12" GHIBLI I'm Looking For You Dark Entries   (de116) 11.90
LP GIFT OF DREAMS Mandroid Jampower Records   (jplp06) 17.90
12" GLORIA ANN TAYLOR Deep Inside You (no mailorder) Music Gallery Recordings   (mgr001) 39.00
2LP GLORIA ANN TAYLOR Love Is A Hurtin' Thing Luv N' Haight   (lhlp076) 34.90
12" GOLDEN FLAMINGO ORCHESTRA The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us (1-sided) P&P Records   (gf2929-12) 20.90
12" GREEEN LINEZ Hibiscus Pacific Alliance Upholstery   (au001) 13.90
LP GROTTO Wait... No Hurry Livingstone Studio   (livst004) 26.50
LP HAEX-HRLL Further From The Truth Giallo Disco   (gdlp007) 13.90
12" HASBEENS, The Keep Fooling Yourself Clone   (c#51) 9.50
12" HILL / ROSHELL ANDERSON Delicate Rose / Wild Dreams Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu019) 17.50
12" HOLY GHOST INC. Walk On Air Isle Of Jura   (isle003) 10.50
LP HOTLINE You Are Mine Soundway   (sndwlp114) 23.50
12" HYSTERIC Extra Terrestrial Mysidian   (msdn1202) 14.50
12" ITALOCONNECTION Voyage Bordello A Parigi   (bap099) 10.90
12" JAHARI Fire & Desire / Situations Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu067) 17.50
LP JAKE SOLLO Jake Sollo Africa Seven   (asvn003) 26.90
LP JAMES MASON Recollection Echo Not On Label   (jm001) 17.90
12" JESSE GOULD Out Of Work P&P Records   (p&p2222-12) 19.90
LP JEX OPOLIS Ravines Good Timin'   (gdtimin009) 21.90
12" JIRAFFE Out'A The Box Omaggio   (omaggio001) 11.50
12" JONNY MILLER Fade To Grey Felt Tip Records   (ftr002) 11.90
12" JUNEI Let's Ride / You Must Go On Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu072) 17.50
2x12" JUNIOR BYRON Sunshine Favorite Recordings   (fvr136lp) 29.90
12" JUNIOR BYRON Trying To Hold On Cultures Of Soul   (cos507) 18.90
10" KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND I'm Your Boogie Man + TODD TERJE Edit T.K. Disco   (tkdiscorsd2015pt2) 11.90
2x12" KIKI GYAN 24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82 Soundway   (sndwlp047) 23.90
LP KINGSLEY BUCKNOR Just U And Me Left Ear Records   (ler1011) 23.50
12" KLAPS All The Way You Move Omaggio   (omaggio003) 11.50
7" KOOSH vs TED PILSNER We Want Your Freedom / Bad Spray 7 Inches Of Love   (love004) 8.90
LP KRIKOR KOUCHIAN Pacific Alley Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)   (lies098) 16.90
12" KRUTON Nitro Hassle (1-sided) Dissident   (kruton3) 13.50
7" L.U.S.T. PRODUCTIONS If You Want My Love / You That I Need Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu069) 11.90
12" LEROY "ACE" MILLER / ACELOVEACE Teacher / The Teacher Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu085) 19.50
LP LOGG Logg Salsoul Records   (sa8544) 21.50
LP MAGIC SOURCE Earthrising Favorite Recordings   (fvr114lp) 24.90
12" MAGIC SOURCE Lovestruck Favorite Recordings   (fvr121) 16.50
12" MAGNIFIQUE Magnifique part 1 + 2 Siamese Records   (sia001) 12.50
12" MARICOPA Explorer Cosmic Pint Glass   (ckeg002) 10.90
LP MARK J & FREEWAY Freeway Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu076) 27.90
12" MARLON JACKSON / TONY COOK & THE PARTY PEOPLE You Wanna Jam You Wanna Party / I AIn't Going Nowhere Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu084) 19.90
LP MARYN E. COOTE Maskeraad Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu082) 26.90
12" MICHAEL THE LION / JAY AIRINESS Keep On Hanging On Diggin Deeper   (ddrwax05) 15.50
2LP MICHAL TURTLE PHANTOMS OF DREAMLAND Music From Memory   (mfm011) 23.90
12" MICK CLARKE Playtime Frigio Records   (frv025) 12.50
LP MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Open Labs Omega Supreme Records   (bt1021) 23.90
LP MIDORI TAKADA Through The Looking Glass Palto Flats   (pflp006) 26.90
12" MILAN W. / EKOLALI Plafond 2 Bakk   (plafond2) 14.50
12" MIX-O-RAP For Thugz (1-sided) Peoples Potential Unlimited   (djblak2-02) 13.90
LP MODOGSTA Modogsta Happy Milf Records   (hmr006) 18.50
LP MODULA Autostrada Galattica Bordello A Parigi   (bap085) 14.50
LP MOON B III Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu063) 17.90
12" MOON B Life World Growing Bin records   (gbr004) 19.90
12" MOON B Measure Pleasure Pulp   (pulp05) 10.90
12" MR FLAGIO Take A Chance - Original Versions Fonogrammi Particolari   (fngrm001) 22.50
12" MR PAULI Weekend Warrior Wrong Era   (we002) 12.90
12" NAUM GABO Spessivtseva (1-sided) Dissident   (gabo1) 8.90
12" NICO MOTTE Life Goes On If You Are Lucky Antinote   (atn024) 14.90
mLP OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME Just A Clown On Crack Dekmantel   (dkmntl036) 15.90
LP OLD CORONER Inside Us Waste Editions   (w03) 17.90
12" OLUKO IMO Praise-Jah Invisible Cities Editions   (ice012) 23.50
LP PARADISE Sizzlin Hot Frederiksberg Records   (frb004) 28.90
2LP PATRICK COWLEY Muscle Up Dark Entries   (de106) 28.90
12" PEAKING LIGHTS Little Flower / Conga Blue Two Flowers Records   (tfr002) 10.90
LP PEDRO One Kind Of Love Musique Plastique   (mp002) 31.50
12" PEECH BOYS Don't Make Me Wait West End Records   (wes22140) 10.90
12" PIN UP CLUB Friends Of The Vortex Bordello A Parigi   (bap082) 11.90
12" PLEASURE MODEL Update 1.1 Dalmata Daniel   (dd006) 11.90
12" PROFESSOR GENIUS Cara Borneo Records   (borneo005) 10.50
LP PROPHET Right On Time Beat Electric   (be02) 22.90
12" QUEEN SAMANTA Take A Chance / Sweet Samantha T.K. Disco   (tdk415re1) 11.90
7" QUEEN YAHNA Ain't It Time P&P Records   (p&p7-1010) 11.50
LP REKCHAMPA Rekchampa Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu071) 24.90
12" RIC PICCOLO The Sound Of Pampas Violette Szabo   (szab06) 10.90
LP ROBBIE M Friend Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu064) 21.90
12" ROBERT HELMS Sekele I Like It Betino's Records   (br02) 15.90
2LP ROBERTO MUSCI Tower Of Silence Music From Memory   (mfm014) 24.90
LP ROSEMARY QARR Fantasy Rated X Records   (rxma008) 28.90
12" ROY COMANCHERO Mick (EDDIE C Wedding Re-Dub Extension) (1-sided) Wrong Era   (we003) 9.50
12" SALTA & ROMA Hokus Pokus Bordello A Parigi   (bap102) 10.90
LP SANDY B Amajovi Jovi Invisible Cities Editions   (ice013) 17.50
12" SANDY SAMUEL I Like Sado Music Erezione   (erz001) 10.90
12" SASAC Talking God Alliance Upholstery   (au002) 13.90
12" SEBASTIEN TELLIER Cochon Ville (pink vinyl) Record Makers   (rec85) 10.90
LP SEBASTIEN TELLIER Marie Et Les Naufrages Record Makers   (rec127) 20.90
12" SECRET MIXES FIXES Fallen Heroes Vol.1 Secret Mixes Fixes   (fix018) 11.90
12" SENYAKA Bayanyonyoba / Don't Judge Me Bad Rush Hour   (rhrss23) 14.50
LP SERGIO FERRARESI Galaxi Private Records   (369.016) 23.50
12" SHELTER ISLAND Shelter Island Plaisir Partagé   (pp001) 10.90
7" SHELVE This World Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu026) 10.90
12" SHINA WILLIAMS & HIS AFRICAN PERCUSSIONISTS Agb'Oju L'Ogun Strut   (strut154s) 16.50
12" SIDIKU BUARI Anokwar / Music Soundway   (sndw12023) 14.50
12" SPACE ART Nous Savons Tout / Melodie Moderne Dark Entries   (de124) 18.50
mLP SPENCE Love Adventure Austin Boogie Crew   (abcdlp01) 19.90
12" STEPHANE LAPORTE Fourrure Sounds Vol.2 Antinote   (atn027) 12.90
12" STEVE MONITE / HAFI DEO Only You / Tabu Ley Rochereau Soundway   (sndw12025) 19.50
2LP SUSO SAIZ Odises Music From Memory   (mfm009) 23.90
2LP SUSO SAIZ Rainworks Music From Memory   (mfm020) 23.90
7" SUZANNE CIANI Liberator / Summer Cache Cache   (cache13) 12.50
LP TEMPELHOF & GIGI MASIN Tsuki Cascine   (csn076) 17.90
12" TEMPEST TRIO Love Machine / Do You Like The Way That It Feels Marlin   (mar429) 12.90
12" THE FARMERS Toss Your Salat Macadam Mambo   (mmx808) 16.50
7" THE FUNKY DRIVE BAND / AMADEO 85 Move Your Feet Rmx / Drive Me Crazy Rmx Happy Milf Records   (hmr003) 10.90
12" THE LONI GAMBLE BAND ft LISA WARRINGTON I KLike The Way You Do It + TOM NOBLE Edit Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu021) 17.50
LP THE MYSTIC JUNGLE TRIBE Live In Napoli Going Good   (good09) 17.90
12" THE PENDLETONS Gotta Get Out EP Voltaire Records   (vr015) 21.50
12" TIMMY THOMAS Africano / Why Can't We Live Together Get On Down Sound   (get12002) 19.50
7" TIMMY THOMAS / NAT KENDRICK & THE SWANS Why Can't We Live Together / Mashed Potatoes Collectables   (col3342) 6.90
10" TODD TERJE Preben Remixed Olsen   (ols008) 10.50
12" TODD TERJE TTJ Edits #182 TTJ Edits   (#182) 13.50
12" TODD TERJE TTJ Edits #26 TTJ Edits   (#26) 13.50
10" TODD TERJE & THE OLSENS Disco Circus / Firecracker DAN TYLER Remixes Olsen   (ols013dt) 10.90
12" TODD TERJE feat. DET GYLNE TRIANGEL Maskindans Olsen   (ols018) 11.90
12" UKU & MARYN Mayday Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu061) 14.90
12" UKU KUUT I Feel Love / Santa Monica Pier Peoples Potential Unlimited   (ppu046) 17.50
LP UMBERTO From The Grave Permanent Records   (perm012) 22.90
12" UMEME Athnan 339 Records   (ttn12001) 13.50
12" UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND Barely Breaking Even Moonglow Records   (mg103-d) 12.90
12" UNKNOWN Historical Archives vol.15 Members Only   (mo015) 10.50
mLP VANDALAZE Body Slime Oraculo Records   (or29se) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS AOR Global Sounds Favorite Recordings   (fvr116lp) 24.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS AOR Global Sounds Vol.3 Favorite Recordings   (fvr130lp) 31.90
3LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Boombox 1 Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp334) 36.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Breakdown / I.C. Love Affair Not On Label   (kg001) 13.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Caribbean Disco Boogie Sounds Favorite Recordings   (fvr110lp) 27.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Da Sh*!!t vol.1 AB Ummm   (ur001ab) 10.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Digital Zandoli Heavenly Sweetness   (hs153vl) 21.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Digital Zandoli 2 Heavenly Sweetness   (hs168lv) 21.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Disco - Record B Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp289b) 26.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Disco Love Vol.4 BBE Records   (bbe319clp) 29.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Duomo Sounds LTD Livingstone Studio   (livst005lp) 31.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Five Years Of Loving Notes Antinote   (atn035) 22.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS French Disco Boogie Sounds 1975 - 1984 Favorite Recordings   (fvr101lp) 28.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol.2 Favorite Recordings   (fvr122lp) 28.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Galactic Jackson's Balla Compleanno Ballacid Records   (balla40) 11.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Get Dancing / I'm Doing Fine Now Hot   (hcl2264) 10.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Greg Belson's Divine Disco - American Gospel Disco 1974-1984 Cultures Of Soul   (cos017lp) 29.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS In A Gadda Da Vida / Ain't Gonna Feel Cloud   (cloud05) 11.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Loft Classics vol.6 Loft Classics   (lc2005) 12.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr Bongo Recordclub Volume Two Mr. Bongo Records   (mrblp151) 29.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Obscure Italian Disco II: BEPPE LODA Cuts Local Kaffee   (lk006b) 19.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Outro Tempo - Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1987-1992 Music From Memory   (mfm016) 26.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Pantsula! - The Rise Of Electrionic Dance Music In South Africa 1988-1990 Rush Hour   (rhmc003) 19.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Plastic Dance Vol.1 Cache Cache   (cache016lp) 24.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Radius 001 Radius   (rad001) 9.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Radius 003 Radius   (rad003) 9.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Riviera Disco Vol.7 Bordello A Parigi   (bap084) 11.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ron Hardy Edits #10 Ron Hardy Edits   (rdy010) 14.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ron Hardy Edits #11 Ron Hardy Edits   (rdy011) 14.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ron Hardy Edits #31 Ron Hardy Edits   (rdy31) 12.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ron Hardy Edits #39 Ron Hardy Edits   (rdy39) 13.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ron Hardy Edits #40 Ron Hardy Edits   (rhy040) 13.50
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Sea Hunt / Fast Cars Automan   (automan12) 11.50
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Surinam Funk Force Rush Hour   (rhmc02) 19.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Todd Terje Edits 2215 TTJ Edits   (ttj2215) 12.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS West End Disco Boogie Essentials Vol.1 West End Records   (wes2015002) 12.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS West End Disco Boogie Essentials Vol.2 West End Records   (wes2015003) 12.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Ziyka Ziyka   (ziyka001) 10.90
12" VAUGHAN MASON AND CREW Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll pt.1 + 2 Brunswick   (disco211) 17.90
12" VERTICAL 67 Positive Vibes Magic Waves   (mw014) 10.90
12" VINCENT Fast Forward Music From Memory   (mfm024) 15.50
2LP VITO RICCI I Was Crossing A Bridge Music From Memory   (mfm005) 23.90
12" VOILAAA African Music Favorite Recordings   (fvr131) 16.50
2LP VOILAAA Des Promesses Volume 2 Favorite Recordings   (fvr132lp) 29.90
12" VOILAAA On Te L'Avait Dit Favorite Recordings   (fvr127) 16.50
12" WLDV Retribution Giallo Disco   (gd026) 11.90
12" WORKDUB Island Breeze Music From Memory   (mfm012) 13.90
12" XENON Xenon Galaxy Radius   (rad011) 10.50
LP YASUAKI SHIMIZU Kakashi 1982 Palto Flats   (pflp007) 23.90
LP YOUNG MARCO Biology ESP Institute   (esp018) 17.90
LP ZACKEY FORCE FUNK Chrome Steel Tiger Hit + Run   (hnr54) 24.90
LP ZACKEY FORCE FUNK Electron Don Hit + Run   (hnr52lp) 27.90