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Last update:   22/03/2018

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Type Artist Title Label Euro  
LP BARRY ADAMSON & PAN SONIC & THE HAFLER TRIO The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion Cold Spring   (csr241lp) 24.90
LP EDMONDO GIULIANI Il Mare - Musica Con Strumenti Elettronici Sonor Music Editions   (sme44) 34.90
2LP FRANCIS BEBEY Psychedelic Sanza 1982 - 1984 Born Bad Records   (bb064) 24.90
LP JEAN-JACQUES PERREY Prelude Au Sommeil Fantôme Pnonographique   (ome1003) 20.50
LP SCIENTIST Introducing Scientist - The Best Dub Album In The World Superior Viaduct   (sv093) 22.90
LP SCIENTIST Wins The World Cup Mirumir Music   (mir100741) 18.90
LP T-BONE Bone In Da House Thai Reggae Records   (tr222) 18.90
LP+CD THE GREY WOLVES Blood And Sand Cold Spring   (csr42lp) 22.50
12" UNKNOWN (TRIANGLE) III / FTG Encrypted Audio   (env011) 11.90
LP USTAD ABDUL WAHID LEHAN Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan Fantôme Pnonographique   (ome1002) 20.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Man's Pride Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp398) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Buzzsaw Joint Pavinyl Cut 3 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-111) 19.90
10" VARIOUS ARTISTS Coolsville Vol.1 Stag-O-Lee   (stag-o-112) 16.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Cult Sounds Aberrant Records   (aberrant003) 23.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS General Zhao Zi Long, On Horseback, Saves His Master All By Himself Fire Sheep Records   (fslp001) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Musique Concrete Modern Silence   (oi019) 24.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Sounds Of New Music Modern Silence   (oi023) 18.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Synthesize The Soul Ostinato Records   (ostlp002) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Voices Of Haiti - Recorded By MAYA DEREN Fantôme Pnonographique   (ome1001) 20.50
2LP ZOSKIA / COIL Transparent Cold Spring   (csr230lp) 29.90